you had me at... pat bo

You had me at... patbo 1

I love shining a light on an up-and-coming designer. I walked into an Intermix in Miami a few months back and randomly grabbed two floral outfits and a bright, bold bathing suit off the rack, all belonging to … PatBo. I had only seen the line once before, so it kind of startled me that I would choose a line I didn’t already own. More so, I don’t flock toward, nor dress, very “Floridian,” so why was I picking tropical prints when my go-to plain neutrals were in eye site on the next rack?! I couldn’t peg what made it different than most colorful, “print-y” looks, but I do know when I tried everything on, the cuts were feminine and flirty, and the combination of contrasting colors was show-stopping! Even my husband commented when I stepped out of the dressing room how “stunning” the pieces were (and we all know that when you get the look of approval from your beau, it is a WIN and immediate purchase). I started to look at more of their items and fell in love. And, as you will read below, I have even more of a reason to praise PatBo …

Out of curiosity, I did a little research on PatBo. Started by a Brazilian designer, the brand prides itself on her platform of individuality and spiritual sense. So unique! I started reading more and, what I found most intriguing, was the opening sentence on the “about” page of their company website … “PatBo ignites imagination and provokes real emotions of desire, excitement and sense of beauty.” That one line took me on a fantasy ride to somewhere amazing, with someone amazing, wearing something AMAZING. It sums up every woman’s dream of emotional fulfillment and looking beautiful while having it. Can you imagine putting a piece of clothing on that made you feel that way!? I mean, they had me at … hello PatBo.

Once I started to look at more of their line, I couldn’t stop. Maybe I was still coming down from my “emotional high,” but everything about the line is spot on from the lustrous fabrics, to the sensual cuts, to the amazing combination of colors. And while some of their pieces are “busy,” they all have a sense of peace to them. Below are some of my favorites right now:

Another plus to these looks is that they are easy to accessorize. Since this season gives off a very “vacation” feel, and their beauty alone does most of the talking, you can choose to be “silent” with your accessories or pick pieces that will join in on the fun! I see wide brim, floppy hats, beautiful flat sandals, and big (BIG) sunglasses. Lunch by the pool? Try a designer tote to accompany your outfit. Cocktails on a boat? Go for a jeweled flat sandal to dress it up a bit. Evening out? Throw on a bright lip and coordinating handled bag, such as Staud or Silvia Tcherassi. The options are endless!

What may be most touching about this line is it’s small, special nature … and the platform of its success. I went on to read that the owner started her manufacturing in a small part of Brazil. She has since employed over 400 local women who are now able to support their families through their work. There is something touching about this woman, about this story. It has a feel-good component mixed with a touch of admiration. It makes me smile to see women taking a dream and making it real. This is something I continue to strive for and something I hope to instill in my daughter … maybe while we are both wearing an exquisite piece by Patbo. …

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