What The Clutch? 1
Ever had that moment when you’re about to finish your outfit and you just can’t find the right bag? A crossbody looks frumpy, a tote is too casual, and a belt bag is just out of the question. What the … Clutch!!??

A good clutch goes a long way. With a formal look, you can make it tonal to your outfit. Valentino makes clutches in just about every color to co-exist with your evening gown or cocktail dress, and their trademark gold spike gives it a slight pop of interest and edge.
Conversely, you can make your outfit your accessory and let an amazing statement clutch be the star of the show. I love this beauty from Fendi, with its pops of burgundy and turquoise in snake print it will add a spruce of excitement to your holiday jumpsuit. Brands like Judith Leiber and Edie Parker have amazing designs from crystal detailed pineapples to acrylic boxes.
What The Clutch? 2
I love a fabulous clutch for the patented evening look. I’ve also found equal success for last-minute power lunches where you don’t want to look over prepared, casual movie dates when you just need your phone and some cash (and you don’t want to set your amazing tote on the popcorn and soda covered floor), or even NFL football games where there is now a size limit on bags.

While they may not be practical for the everyday hustle and bustle, a clutch is essential to your wardrobe. So grab one that best suits your closet or current outfit needs – if it’s a basic color or style you’re looking for, invest in one you can keep for life. If it’s an exotic or unexpected color you need, breeze through the end-of-season sales and snag a beauty.
What The Clutch? 3
This Edie Parker clutch says it all for me, from my excitement over my little girl wanting to take piano lessons to my husband (finally) cleaning out the garage to my answer to a glass of champagne over the holidays, YES …. xx

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