Weathering The Weather 1

“Your face is what you wear every day, so
it’s vital to take care of it…”

It’s that time of year. The leaves have fallen, daylight is getting shorter and shorter, winter coats walk the streets, and green juices are being replaced with Starbucks Peppermint Lattes. There is finally a nip in the air. Winter’s arrival is near … Ok, let’s be honest , not many of us actually feel a nip. Like a cheap perfume, winter typically comes on strong and stays too long. And, while the cold may mean something entirely different to a Southeasterner than a Bostonian, the change in temperature is inevitable. What comes with that change is a drastic change to our skin.

Weathering The Weather 2

I remember living a winter in Boston years ago. The cold was unbearable, the snow never stopped and the wind, oh the wind. I woke up one morning and brushed the hair off my face only to feel … paper?! My skin felt like paper. It was dry and chapped, all sorts of horribleness. I threw on my North Face fleece and ran down to the nearest department store. I needed hydrating cream and LOTS of it.

Finding the right face cream for your skin is difficult, particularly with weather changes. The unfortunate-for-our-bank-account truth is that most people need a light moisturizer for spring and summer; and a completely different, heavy duty moisturizing cream for fall and winter. In both cases, it is trial and error for sure, as no two people have the same skin; but for the most part, we all need more hydration in the cold seasons. Below is a list of creams that I have tried and have worked for me in the winter months:

Weathering The Weather 3

Along with creams, don’t be scared to douse on the hydrating serums. I was always insecure about layering serums under creams because I thought it would make me feel smothered, but it really is necessary, especially as we get older. I like to put on serums both day and night, but if the morning dose sounds too much for you, at least find a good serum to massage it into your crow’s feet in the morning. It will help with the fine lines that get pronounced with dry skin. Below are some of my favorite go-to serums for the harsh winter weather:

Think of this as your little survival kit for the soon-to-come frigid temperatures. Your face is what you wear every day, so it’s vital to take care of it around-the-clock (and around the seasons)… xxx
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