“What am I going to wear?” How many times a year do we ask ourselves this question? I, for one, am constantly searching for that perfect ensemble whether it be via the internet, on the department store racks or in my own closet. Sometimes, I feel like I have nailed it. Like, I am the queen of the evening, the party, the world. Other times, I am barely confident enough to leave the house. But, lately, I have wondered if those highs and lows of my attire have anything to do with my outfit. Was my killer head-to-toe outfit that I wore to a friend’s Christmas party really because of the amazing dress and killer accessories? Or did it have to do with something else? Was it because I was glowing from my perfectly done makeup, or was I glowing because my husband was home for the month and I was smiling ear-to-ear? What I have come to realize is that whether or not I feel like a fashion phenom or a fashion failure, my best outfits have been my best because of what I wear above the neckline. And no, I am not talking about my hair or makeup. I am talking about my smile.
Wearing a smile 1
Ever sat back at a party or event and looked around at what the guests are doing? If you haven’t, I encourage you to try it. Take a beautifully dressed woman. She is outfitted in head to toe designers and the newest handbag, but growling at her boozy husband or pursing her lips at the neighboring crowd of chatty women. All of a sudden, the fabulous Fendi bag loses its awe factor, and your eyes move on. But, take the humbly dressed woman, in a dress that she may have found on the sale rack ten years ago and a beat up pair of pumps. She may care less about fashion, or she may have tried her hardest to blend with the crowd. But, she is smiling graciously at the servers, genuinely laughing at the host’s stories and clearly enjoying the party. She is happy. I don’t know about you, but I want to introduce myself to her. I want to get to know her and absorb some of her radiant persona. She may not be the best dressed in the room, but she wears a smile which immediately makes her outfit a 10.
Wearing a smile 2
Wearing a smile 3

The most important thing we can ever put on is a smile. Unfortunately, through the hustle and bustle, stressors, and anxieties of life that’s easy to forget and even easier said than done but so significant. A smile is infectious and breathes confidence to others, far more than what high-end designer you wear or perfectly blown-out hair you accomplish. We all go through times in our life when it feels impossible to show up to a family dinner, neighborhood party or school fundraiser with a genuine smile. But, by starting with a deep breath, a brief meditation or just a moment alone. Find how and what it takes to put a smile on your face, and your outfit worries will be a thing of the past. I promise you will be the belle of the ball.

Wearing a smile 4

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