Spring Break Style

Dolce & Gabbana | Roberto Cavalli

Dolce & Gabbana | Roberto Cavalli


For me, packing for a trip is just as exciting as going on it, particularly when it is somewhere that I can nail my outfits! My husband travels a lot, so in the past, our Spring Break trips have been pretty lame … as in, we didn’t go on them. But this year, I’m taking it to a new level and taking my kiddos to an upscale (but kid-friendly) resort in South Florida for a few nights. Bring on the beautiful bathing suits, cool cover-ups, and fun flat sandals!

Packing for a warm, tropical environment is by far my favorite. I am not sure if it’s because bikinis take up less room (read: so I can pack more of them) or if it’s a chance for me to get out of my comfort zone and try some brighter prints and patterns. What I aim to do for daytime looks is pack two cover-ups that can act as both something to throw on over my suit when the kids need a bathroom break and as a lovely, easy poolside lunchtime ensemble. After I choose the cover-ups, I will typically pack two or three suits that coordinate with each. These can be anything from simple bikinis to unique one-piece suits. Now for the fun part … time to find some gorgeous sandals. Thankfully for me (not my husband), sandals are also items that take up a minimal amount of space in my suitcase. Because of this, I'm often guilty of over packing them, but a girl has got to have choices, right!? I like to pick a few in basic colors, like black and gold, and then some that will complete the head-to-toe look. And by complete, I mean add a little something special to an all-black look or complement the festive feel of a bright or printed ensemble. Lastly, you need a sturdy beach bag. By sturdy, I mean one that will go with everything. When I am driving on a trip, I typically use it as space for extra packing. If I am traveling by plane, I use it as my carry-on. Below are some great looks that will take you from lounging poolside to lunching on the water:







While I don’t have much experience with packing for a ski trip, I suggest using the same packing tactics. Pick one or two boots that you can walk in during the day (when not hitting the slopes), but are stylish enough to take you to the local bars at night. Pick pants that can rotate with your top choices and a basic, but on trend, belt that will elevate your looks. Packing jackets is a nightmare, so I always wear one on the plane. Then I pick an alternate option – usually something puffy like a Moncler – that I can lay on the very top of my suitcase before I close it. Most down jackets pack very easily and have zero wrinkle effect. For these types of trips, your bag choice can make an outfit go from “winter warm” to “what a winner.” Make room in your suitcase for a few and view them as your finishing touch!

No matter where you are heading in a few weeks, carve some time out to outfit plan and create your packing list. For most, it is a chore, so try and make it fun … After you get the kids to bed, pour yourself a glass of wine and start the process of pulling from your closet, so you know if and what you need to buy before heading out of town. Got a few hours in between meetings? Pop into your local coffee shop and browse online for what you need to perfect your look. Waiting until last minute is just stress handed to you on a plate and the last thing you need heading into vacation mode. Just imagine how amazing it would be to feel good with your Spring Break style BEFORE you even got to your destination? That to me sounds like a vacation in itself …🖤

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