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I feel like the word “transitional” is currently everywhere in the fashion world. Designers, bloggers, and stylists are all throwing around the term like it’s an everyday thing. Okay, I got it. “Transitional” has proven itself important to fashion, but what does it actually mean? What are they talking about when they say you need a “transitional” outfit, or a “transitional” pair of boots, or a “transitional” trench? I’m here to help you understand what transitional means for your wardrobe and why it’s such a complex, but important fashion concept this time of year.

Winter-to-spring fashion is the biggest jump of style from trends to cuts to fabrics. Spring and summer are quite easy – dresses to cover-ups. As is Fall-to-Winter, leather to fur coats. But, Winter-to-Spring means you have to hang up those winter wools, but still be warm enough when you leave the house. You’re tempted to pull out those spring print skirts, but respect that winter neutrals are still acceptable. Transitional pieces take you from winter to spring with style and grace. They hint that true spring colors and fabrics have (almost) arrived, but are savvy in knowing that this time of year promises fluctuation in temperatures. What are these pieces? They can be everything from shoes to skirts to shorts. Live in Florida? Find a pair of thick Bermuda shorts (the kind that hit at your knee) that you can pair with a light sweater and a classic pump for a daytime look. A Bostonian? Grab a light-colored, lightweight trench coat that you can throw over a cap sleeve dress and add a trendy sneaker for comfort and fun at the office.

Check out a few outfits I put together that will help with your transition to spring time temps:

This is a great transitional outfit. I chose a top and skirt by Proenza Schouler. The top being long sleeve and a thicker fabric means a slight night chill won’t bother me one bit. The skirt is a flowy, gauzy material that moves with ease and covers my winter-white legs. The sandal flirts with the warmer weather to come, and the black bag by Staud reminds us that winter shades are not gone just yet. Are all you Northeasterners rolling your eyes at me? Don’t forget; I grew up in Maine. I get it, girl. You can easily swap out the sandals for a pair of black booties and, once the temperatures rise, make them open toed. Grab your favorite black blazer for the extra warmth you need, or even a thick cardigan.

Transitional pieces are key this time of year. I suggest investing in two or three things that can carry you through this challenging fashion time. Your style doesn’t need to suffer because of unpredictable weather conditions. You should always feel like you can conquer any seasonal change! …

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