When I first started seeing track pants – also known as joggers – in stores, my mind went straight to Sporty Spice. For those of you that spent most of your teen years listening and watching the Spice Girls, you know exactly who I am talking about – Sporty Spice, or Melanie Chisholm. She was hip, athletic, and wowed us with her trendy tear-away track pants. Looking back on her now, as a 37 year old, what is most appealing about her style is that she looks comfortable! So, you can imagine my silent fist pump when I started seeing an updated style of her patented pants on the racks. These easy, comfy, stylish bottoms are back and they are better than ever.

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My immediate suggestion for all you ladies out there that are struggling with how to look good in a hurry is to replace your over-worn black yoga pants with a pair or two of track pants. If you live in a cooler part of the country, try finding them in a heavier fabric, perhaps even a cozy cashmere. They can be paired with a rain boot or a cool everyday sneaker. If you are still fighting the heat in December, try them in a silk blend and pair them with a flat statement sandal or open back loafer. Regardless of your weather limitations, the beauty of them is that they can be dressed up or dressed down. Got a date night coming up? Try them with a beautiful turtleneck and a pointed toe pump or a blousy bodysuit with a color coordinating high-heeled sandal.

Style Tip:

“…replace your over-worn black yoga pants with a pair or two of track pants.”

Whether you are rifling through black Friday sales today or browsing the web on Cyber Monday, I urge you to try a pair. Your look will go from “I had no time to get ready this morning” to “I am relaxed and on trend.” They’ve come a long way since Sporty Spice and they are sure to “spice up your life” … xx

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