While it may be heartbreaking for those who live for summer style, fall is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to throw aside your flowy maxi dress and woven tote and get ready to rock your tailored blazer and stiletto bootie. I love fall fashion for so many reasons – colors typically trend toward my comfort zone palette of dark and neutral, rich and heavy fabrics and textures are re-introduced through knits and coats, and every height of boot is available from ankle to thigh. Swoon. So, as we approach the days of weekend football battles, holiday stress and a few too many Pumpkin Spice Lattes, I wanted to give you a shortlist of some designers I’ve got my eye on for this 2019 Fall season:

1.Max Mara:

If you said Max Mara to me a year ago, of course, I would know the name but would have to think about when I had seen it last, nevertheless considered buying it. I would probably equate the designer like I would Elle McPhearson or Claudia Schiffer: classy, beautiful but from a different era. That’s why when the brand started popping up again this past year; I was surprised to see it making a comeback. The truth is, the label hasn’t changed its look at all, which is why it’s so endearing. Its cuts and style are simple and properly tailored. The color palette is predominately neutral with some pops of color, but never in a pattern give it a stress-free feeling. The fabrics are movable, easy to wear, and easy to pack. If you’re looking for basics or classic pieces, this designer is perfect and at approachable price points. So, maybe it’s more like Cindy Crawford – a timeless beauty that is back for more.

2. Nili Lotan:

This designer is fabulous for so many reasons. A cool, classic vibe with a hint of boho, trés Chic Meets West. Admittingly, I hadn’t heard of the brand until a designer friend from FWRD by Elyse Walker sent me a mouth-dropping silk slip dress in a more-than-basic leopard print that made me squeal with excitement. Since then, I have become obsessed with this line’s unique style. It’s one thing to create a fabulous line, but to create one that is multi-dimensional is amazing. Think of a top … a top that is classy and lovely enough you can wear with a pencil skirt to the office, but also daring and distinctive enough you can wear it to drinks with the girls, but ALSO cool and casual enough you can pair it with skinny jeans and knee-high boots and head to the family ranch. She makes slim-fitting knits and cardigans, interesting wardrobe additions (think silk vests and cashmere sweatshirts) and smart tailored pants that find the perfect balance of femininity. And, while my eye went to the leopard and zebra print, the brand has interesting pieces in plaid, camo, and denim. Have some fun with this brand this fall. And be ready to see more of Nili Lotan in the fashion seasons to come.

3. Manolo Blahnik:

It happens every year, every season where a top designer comes out with a killer line. While in London on vacation a few weeks ago, I walked into Harrods searching for nothing in particular … I moseyed over to the shoe department and BOOM. It was like the room had cleared and it was just me and the new season Manolo’s (ok, this is kind of what my dreams look like). It’s one thing to get emails from your favorite department stores and online sites each day, highlighting a few key pieces from a designer. It’s another thing to see all their pieces in one place. It was then that I realized that Manolo had a fun and fabulous fall line that had me wondering how many shoes is too many!? I won’t answer that in hopes to save my marriage ☺ Manolo’s fall line has everything from their basics in beautiful, soft colors to interesting takes on their patented lace buckle pump (think black lace tips over soft colors with their diamond finish) to futuristic heel and toe shapes. I love how they have stepped out of their comfort zone while preserving the brand’s iconic style. Fall wedding? Tailgate? Office Party? Manolo has you covered from event to event this fall, so pick an outfit and enjoy accessorizing with this brand’s diverse, delectable fall line.

4. R13:

Everybody needs a little edge, a little grunge in their wardrobe. Grunge …does that word bring you back to your high school days of My So-Called Life, clunky Doc Martens and oversized plaid button-ups? Ha! Well, it’s back this fall. Be on the lookout for a more elevated, elaborate grunge style where you will see mixtures, layers, oversize, shreds, and slouches. R13 is a brand that is fueling the grunge style. With everything from funky, slightly “over the line” t-shirts (yes, one of them actually reads Fuck You You Fucking Fuck) …to oversized sweatshirts and coats in mismatched patterns and untailored finishes, to ripped EVERYTHING. You may be thinking, “this brand is totally not for me,” but I encourage you to have a look at their site. While they have a distinctive “bad girl” feel, they have managed to mix in form-fitting pieces that, shall we say, “keep it real.” Real as in wearable around your children (ok, maybe don’t pick the fuck t-shirt). I recently purchased the perfect leopard jeans … My typical style would be to pair those jeans with a fitted black top, but I ventured out and bought one of their oversized blouses. The sleeves are messy, the fit funky and the neckline disheveled, but it works, and I love it. And never fear, they have an area that is less offensive – Their dress line, while still unfitted, is right up the boho alley. So, embrace your inner Angela Chase and try a piece or two from R13 this fall. If anything, you will be on-trend for the “Return of the Grunge.”

5. Fendi:

Fendi has been on a roll for a while now, and their fall line is just as amazing as their spring and summer. For a line that went through a bit of a plateau just a few years ago, they have made a comeback, and single-handedly revived the “logo.” And by logo, I don’t just mean their iconic logo. I mean, the option and then the significance of wearing a top designer’s logo on anything. From boots to bags to bathing suits – Fendi is everywhere on everything, and it’s amazing. Now, as we go goo-goo eyed over their gorgeous logoed knits and coats, let’s not overlook that they still have amazing pieces that don’t showcase their logo. Their fall line is as you imagine they would be – feminine, tailored, classic – but they have added some pizazz here and there. Think a black mesh jacket, pops of canary yellow, and lots and lots of leather (big cheers from this girl). So, as you shop for a special something (because let’s be honest, their price points are not made for the norm), try something from their fall line. It will be your go-to this fall, but it will be a staple in your closet forever. 🖤

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