Three Easy Rules to Accessorizing an Outfit

The Art of Accessorizing: What to Wear to Balance Your Look

The ability to accessorize an outfit is a true gift. It’s a gift that I am still not sure I have, but I continue to work at improving. I want to be able to accessorize well because great accessories can transform an outfit from good to great, ordinary to original, easy to extravagant. On the contrary, accessories can also play the backseat role and be silent, neutral, and blend in with an outfit that truly doesn’t need much except act as a necessity.

What I have learned over time is that accessorizing is all about balance. It’s like a math equation. No matter what the + or – starts at, your goal is to create an =. I have worn outfits that needed pizazz, needed nothing, and needed … well, next to nothing. It’s not always intuitive when accessorizing an outfit, so I like to have a few general rules by which I live. So below are a few tips that I hope will help you before your next event, or just to complement your day-to-day style.

Rule No. One: How to Accessorize Your Outfit when...


You’ve done it. You’ve found this loud ass dress or spectacular two-piece pant outfit. Maybe you mixed some bold colors with equally bold textures, or perhaps the outfit is just divine and holding court because it can! When it comes time to accessorize such an ensemble, what do you need? Well, the answer is pretty much nothing. When you’ve chosen to wear a spectacular (and delightfully showy outfit), the best thing you can do is accessorize very modestly. Pick stud earrings, a neutral bag, and non-existent heels. The balance of being a standout and a STAND-THE-HECK-OUT is delicate, so tread lightly and accessorize subtly.

Skincare routine for winter events.

Rule No. Two: How to Accessorize Your Outfit when...

When You Need Something Spectacular

It’s go time. You are rummaging through your closet, and all you see is your go-to “safety” piece. And while I love a classic, sometimes you just need to give your LBD the sass and spice it’s been longing for!

Now is the time to try out new trends in accessories, so explore what’s “in,” like a pouch-clutch or platform sandal in a fabulous color. Break out of your comfort zone and accessorize away!

Alexander McQueen luxury bag.
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Rule No. Three: How to Accessorize Your Outfit when...

When It's Time to Work Together

This is the hardest look to accessorize; when you have a mix of good and great. A stellar top with some good, but not so special jeans. A classic, chic skirt with a blouse that needs some … pop. So, now you play … play with colors, textures, prints. Add something – not somethingS – exciting and balance out colors where they are needed.

This mix of a so-so piece with a fabulous one is ever so difficult and can make or break an outfit. So, work with balancing out the outfit’s existing pro’s and con’s, and you will have an accessory triumph.

Winter Tips for wearing hats.
Great accessories can transform an outfit.

While it can be overwhelming with so many items to choose from, the best perk of an accessory is that it can live in your closet forever. Below are some of my current favorites. I can’t wait to see all the great spring and summer accessories to come!

Shop My Favorite Accessories

Three Easy Rules to Accessorizing an Outfit 1

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