Okay, I admit it. I have boot jealousy. I am jealous of anyone that can wear boots more than one month a year. Living in Florida, boots are 90 percent out of the question. We get about three weeks per year of below 60 degree weather, and during that time women go an eccentric, happy, fist pumping nuts – let’s bring out any and every cute boot, fur, and turtleneck we own, and wear it NOW. Seriously, it’s like an amazing hormone boost and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the birth rate go up around this so-called “season” we south Floridians experience.
These Boots Were Made For Walking 1
Because I for one, know I am so excited about WORKING my over the knee suede boots, western mid calf boots, and off white kitten heeled booties when that thermometer gets below 70 degrees.
So putting my boot envy aside, lets talk about what I feel is the most important thing about boots. Is it the look, the color, the texture? Nope. It’s whether you can actually walk in them. They say heels are bad, but holy smokes – boots can make them look like furry mink slippers. I have tried all types, brands, and styles and have come to the conclusion that this is one of those fashion areas that you really have take the time to try on, walk in and – most importantly – feel comfortable. And I am not just talking about if they give you a blister or don’t work with your high arches. I am saying, find a boot that you are confident to step outside of the house in … It’s okay if thigh high boots make you feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman or if the knit sock booties make you feel like you have new feet. Find the level or style of boot that you love most and make you feel great, on the inside and outside. I do believe that there is a way to make every boot look chic but suitable for your chosen environment. Thigh high boots, now deemed over the knee, can actually be super classy. Try them paired with a subtle slit maxi dress. Knee high slouchy boots are the best with skinny jeans or leggings. They bring a bit of casual to an outfit that can boast style at a football tailgate or outdoor campfire. Booties would be my fall/winter substitute for pumps. The ankle line is still slimming to any leg. So, be choosy but creative with your boot choice. Invest wisely and you’ll cash in with the compliments you receive… xx
These Boots Were Made For Walking 2

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