The Trending Accessories You Need to Know about in Fall 2020 1The Trending Accessories You Need to Know about in Fall 2020 2

The Trending Accessories You Need to Know about in Fall 2020

These are the best accessories to bring interest to your fall neutrals.

Women showing off boots and handbag

Fall is here (Hooray!), and, finally, so is the opportunity to express our fashionable fall selves. As of late, we have lived in fear of being social. Date nights, playdates, girls nights, and dinner parties were all replaced with So. Many. ZOOM calls (can you feel my technologically-challenged anxiety)?  Gilmore Girl reruns (or in my case, EVERY Clemson football game from the ’90s), any board game possible, Uber Eats, and, for Floridians, WAY too much time in their pool.

It's time to blow dry your hair, throw on a cute face mask, and go out.

But at last, there is a light – restaurants are slowly opening, playgrounds are unlocked, and family get-togethers are back on. With responsibility and good judgment, we can choose safe social settings. So, its time to retire the sweats and flip flops. It’s time to dust off the booties and cute moto jackets. It’s time to blow dry your hair, throw on a cute facemask, embrace fall 2020, and GO OUT.

My rule of thumb is to choose a bag based on your lifestyle.

To be honest, fall is not my favorite season, but there are still certain aspects I love. Some of the things I love most about fall fashion are neutral colors. Sure there are always pops of color here and there, but, for the most part, our head-to-toe look relies heavily on beiges and browns, dark denim, and loads of black. With this cool and confident color palette, accessorizing for fall is not only very easy, but it also allows you to spark an outfit in a way that doesn’t involve “trendy” neon colors, sizes, and designs. You can choose basic handbags in rich textures, classic colored pumps in interesting styles, and, what I call simple “hardware,” (jewelry, sunglasses, belts) in standout sizes. Here is my quick guide to trending accessories for fall 2020.

Trending Accessories: Handbag Basics

Another reason to love fall, it’s the season with the best and most practical handbags, and that’s where I typically like to spend my money. Fashion Houses usually get creative with fabrics and feel rather than colors and styles, which tend to be more versatile and hold longevity. My rule of thumb is to choose a bag based on your lifestyle. If you are a stay-at-home mom, invest in a beautiful tote. If you’re young and single, find a cute crossbody or clutch. And if you walk to work/school, choose a posh backpack. This is the season to select something that will go with everything, and the fall palette makes it possible.

Trending Accessories: Classic Footwear

As we transition from sandals to pumps, a new pair of shoes is another excellent investment for the fall. One of the few positives that the pandemic has done for us is to make sneakers acceptable with just about every outfit. A cool pair of kicks are available in so many styles and now work from day to night. Chunky, military boots are “in,” though not for everyone, and go best with a city look. But, they are easy, comfortable, and like sneakers, are designed to go with everything. For me, I love a new pair of pumps that I can wear with leather pants. I prefer staying in the neutral zone with color, but make up for any chance of boredom with their height and style.

Trending Accessories: Statement-Making Hardware

Lastly, some good “hardware” can make your outfit. I always lean toward gold when accessorizing for the fall. And I LOVE big, chunky necklaces, statement earrings, large logoed belts. I choose accessories that all stay in the fall color palette, but I love making them the star of the show with larger than expected sizes. Also, keep in mind that logoed items can be tricky to accessorize during seasons with showy or patterned clothing. Take advantage of the fall season that allows us to be a bit more logo forward with our accessories.

Accessories add a point of view to your outfit, they’re personal, and they are fashion pieces you can keep for life, so no matter where you choose to spend, choose something that is YOU… Happy fall accessory shopping to all!

Looking for more fall trends? One of my favorite’s from last fall is back and making an over-sized splash this year. For ages, I deemed the polished and pretty print only appropriate on little girls. Continue Reading →

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains  affiliate links to products and brands I love. 

 Photographer: Anee Atelier

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