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Animal prints, they are EVERYWHERE this fall season! From high-end fashion designers, to Tucker + Tate kids, to top home décor ; the stores are sprinkled with them. You can’t walk through a mall without seeing a print and wondering if it would look good in your closet, home, or on your tabletop. I love it. It’s timeless but daring at the same time. It can be subtle, but often too loud. So, like many “extravagant” slices of life, lets talk about how a little can go a long way.

Exotic prints have always been a comfort zone of mine, no matter what age or occasion, but I sometimes (in my early years) tried to make too big of a statement with them. Not that I was doing anything inappropriate, but I also was doing nothing appropriate.

Fast forward to my mid 30’s and I, like many other women, had to examine my style choices and ask, “how do I pull off animal print without it looking completely wrong?” Luckily, I found a way to embrace the “roar” but it has taken me some time to figure out how to make it work without feeling uncomfortable, outlandish, and loud. But I often wonder if our hesitation as 30- somethings is really any different than the nervous, self-consciousness of youth. Those adolescent thoughts of how we look to our peers, what we drive, where we live, or what we buy need to fade as we get older. And ladies, this also goes for those of you who might embrace your inner animal a little too tightly. That snug leopard dress you wore at 22 that garnered you so much attention, isn’t what made you look good then and now. You make you look good. So, instead, let’s replace these anxious thoughts with the cool confidence that comes with loving who we are and what we wear.

My number one fashion tip with this never-dying trend is to embrace its class and wear what makes you feel comfortable and what others see as captivating. If you don’t wear much animal print, accessorize modestly with a neutral outfit – a leopard purse, cuff, or modest tote bag. If you are at work, rock a statement piece like a beautiful midi leopard skirt paired with a black turtleneck or a silk leopard scarf over a cream blouse. And, if you are going out and want to flirt with the line, mix and match prints … Leopard top and black skirt with a leopard clutch, or a leopard tank with black leather legging and leopard booties.

The Eye Of The Tiger 2

Animal print, including reptiles and furs, can be tricky not just in terms of style, but in terms of compassion. I have started to be very conscious about any of my deemed animal print purchases going forward, so I love that designers like Stella McCartney are making a push on their products advertising “faux fur”. Kindness is another one of those traits that just gets more important with age, and can be easily reflected in a wardrobe.

“..let’s replace these anxious thoughts with the cool confidence that comes with loving who we are and what we wear.”

Ultimately, animal prints should be fun and adventurous and bring out your confidence. Whatever you decide to wear, wear it proud, like any true Leo would! But remember, like all things in life, there is no need to go overboard or walk into a room projecting the wrong idea. So instead of wearing your prints in a way that begs for physical attention, let your personality be what roars! – xx

The Eye Of The Tiger 3
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