The Best Swimwear Trends of 2022

Styling my favorite swimwear brands.

Blonde wearing a Fendi swimsuit poolside.

With holidays in the rearview mirror, I find myself feeling massive relief, but in the same breath, I get this small tinge of anxiety. We spend months preparing for family feasts, holiday soirees, and Santa’s visit … then, it’s over. What’s next? Cue Cruise/Resort Line!!! Yes, people, it’s vacation time which means for most, it’s time to transition our fashion focus back to swimwear.

Growing up outside of Portland, Maine, vacation to me always meant “sun.” As a child, I looked forward to that smell of humidity and salt when I got off the airplane. I dreamt about bathing suits, body surfing, and sunscreen neglect (which, of course, I now regret). So, while skiing and snowboarding were what many envisioned as vacations, I lived that life on the weekends. I dreamt about the sand in between my toes … and I still do … but now I dream of how to dress for it.

Swimsuits have taken an interesting turn over the past few years. Not that it bothers me, but it’s quite often I have to explain to my 8-year-old why the lady on the beach’s swimsuit bottom is just a string or why there are tiny triangles for her top (I mean, Ariel had WAY more coverage). Perhaps, this is why swimsuits have become so intriguing to me. I work out hard to keep my body in shape. While I still want to look attractive, I am now an example for my children, so my swimwear choices have to be thought through.

One-piece swimsuits that were once cool, then not cool, are now cool again. Funny how that works. As I reach 40, I have found them to be my preference, for many reasons, starting with the fact they are forgiving, but they can also be lots of fun. 2022 has brought some great swimwear by brands of all price points. Below are some of my favorite trends and brands (and how I would style them).

Swimwear Trend No. One: Swimsuits as Bodysuits

The coolest swimwear development I have found is that brands have started to create swimwear that can also be worn as day or night bodysuits, perfect for poolside cocktails or even with some leggings for a nicer night out.

The Best Swimwear Trends of 2022 1

I love this Amir Slama swimsuit with high-waisted pants, chunky sandals, and oversized shades.

The Best Swimwear Trends of 2022 1

I see this Magda Butrym swimsuit with a high slit maxi, embellished sandals, and a trendy neutral Bottega clutch.

The Best Swimwear Trends of 2022 1

If you are a logo guru, this Fendi Swimsuit is for you. Sexy faux leather shorts, black pumps, and a spark of yellow to give it some spice.

Woman in swimsuit/bodysuit by the pool.
Blonde woman lounging poolside.

Swimwear Trend No. Two: A One-Piece or Bikini with Ruffled Sleeves

The second trend I love is the return of the ruffled shoulder… What is so great about it is that it really flatters most and adds immediate femineity to any swimsuit.

The Best Swimwear Trends of 2022 1
Woman wearing Zimmerman swimsuit on a beach.

Swimwear Trend No. Three: One Size Fits All Swimwear

My last, but not least, favorite by some very high quality, affordable brands is the “one size fits all” swimsuit. I mean, brilliant. Things I wish I had thought of:

The Best Swimwear Trends of 2022 1

No matter your body type, choosing a swimsuit is an intimidating task; these tips will help you navigate the choppy waters of the swimwear aisle. READ MORE

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products and brands I love.

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