Rosewood at Tucker’s Point

For some reason, Bermuda has always been a “safe” place for me. Who knows why and who knows how that feeling came to be, but I imagine it had to do with a childhood memory. Living on the coast of Maine, Bermuda was an easy tropical getaway for my family. It felt like the Bahamas, but was a quick two-hour flight from Logan Airport. When my husband and I purchased a home in Maine a few years back, Bermuda became our quick summer destination, and the safe place became even safer.

The Beauty of Bermuda 1

Landing in this little slice of heaven delivers one of the more picturesque views ever. Tropical waters call for brilliant blues and greens and the island – which from the air looks like the size of Laguardia airport – seems serene, untouched and everything a low-key couple could dream of.  Once an English colony, the mannerisms of the Brits still exists on this little island and for me, there is nothing more attractive than some English class. 

The Beauty of Bermuda 2

My husband and I have become true devotees to Rosewood resorts and the Rosewood at Tucker’s Point is on-par with our expectations of the intimate, upscale hotel line. We are going on our fourth trip to this particular Rosewood hotel and there is a reason why we keep coming back. Familiar faces always greet you upon our arrival, asking to lend a hand and welcoming you to their beautiful abode. The lobby breathes the island’s persona – beautiful, bold, clean but unpretentious. This visit, we were delighted to find that they had added a small “gin tasting” bar off of the lobby. “Umm, OK” said the sans-kids couple (did I mention we left the kiddos behind for this escape?). But back to our arrival and check-in, I have never had to wait for a room. They have always been waiting on us.

The Beauty of Bermuda 3

 Everyone’s idea of “down time” is different, so it may be a hard sell to convince you to travel like we do. We like to stay put. We like to enjoy the resort. And, Tucker’s Point is just the place to do that. With three pools, a beach club with private beach access, a wonderful spa, over five different bars and restaurants, for the couple that is constantly on the go, this is a no-brainer. Faced with a day of sunshine? Hit their gorgeous (but very hilly, like take a cart) golf course, take a private tennis lesson, charter a sailboat or just do what we did and take the latest Ken Follet (or in my case, Fall Bazaar magazine) and plop down under an umbrella and enjoy some fruity drinks. Raining like crazy? How about a game of life-size chess, watch a soccer game in the bar or  … Just. Do. Nothing.

The Beauty of Bermuda 4

But, if staying in is not your thing, don’t be turned away. Bermuda offers something for everyone. From private snorkeling, to top-notch golf, to a truly local, fun food and beverage scene, I promise, you will not get bored. Feeling adventurous? Rent a scooter and buzz around the island on the “wrong” side of the road (just let me know if you do that, so I stay off the roads that day). In need of some retail therapy? Have a walk around downtown Hamilton. And lastly, what we found out this trip is that the island (and resort) is super, duper kid friendly … IF you want it to be, which all you couples with kids understand 

The Beauty of Bermuda 5

So, booking your next 3-4 nighter and struggling for something that is both convenient to get to, but also feels like it’s a world away? The Rosewood at Tucker’s Point – Bermuda – will not do you wrong. You’ll enjoy a slice of heaven and a breath of fresh air all at the same time.♥

The Beauty of Bermuda 6
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