The temptations of the skincare world are endless, making it incredibly challenging to commit to one routine, let alone stick with that routine consistently. By temptations, I mean you think you have the best, most perfect serum that you have searched far and wide for, and after having it on your shelf for two days, the inevitable happens. You’re leafing through the latest NEW BEAUTY magazine when you come across an article on the new-new serum from the deep trees of Thailand that Emilia Clarke swears changed her skin. It essentially promises you’ll look 20 years younger in 14 days and may also save the planet (and … the dragons!?!). So, maybe you don’t have the most perfect serum, after all. Sigh. And out comes your credit card.

With the huge and growing variety of choices, it seems like every time I bat an eyelash, there is a new line or product that may be worth trying. Not to mention, the external factors that play a part. I don’t know about you, but I feel so overwhelmed when I walk through a store’s beauty department. Most days, giving in to one of the (sometimes) overbearing beauty experts is unavoidable. Social media ads with the latest influencers as promoters can suck you in, and it seems like everyone has a different “solution” for under-eye puff or elasticity. And, if you are one that will splurge for a facial, oy! You walk out feeling like your skin is made of delicate porcelain, so OF COURSE, you need to buy some of the products they used. With so many different avenues of skincare “marketing,” it’s inevitable that you will try several, if not more, in the span of a year.

The biggest challenge, however, it that it’s so hard to know what your skin truly needs. It’s like some master-level guessing game. Most of us slather fancy, yummy things on our face and hope for the best! You can look in the mirror and see fine lines and wrinkles, but truth be told, your skin may just be dehydrated. Or you can think “man, I am so prone to breakouts,” but your skin may be reacting poorly to what you’re currently using or eating.



In my case, I knew my skin was getting dehydrated very easily, even in humid South Florida. But, it took me a few years (and some talented, licensed estheticians) to understand my skin’s formula and make adjustments for what I needed.

I was a culprit of all of the above. Disloyal to a consistent skincare regime for years. The result of which led to a misunderstanding of what my skin needed. When you’re continually looking for the next “quick fix” that will make you look like the Mother of Dragons overnight, you’re constantly going to be changing your products because nothing will be working– which also leads to nothing working.

Before you can even begin to understand your skin, you need to realize that everyone’s skin type is different. So while those deep trees in Thailand may produce great results for Milly, they may not work for you. And bear in mind, her perfect skin was the result of expert consultations, coupled with the right products, and probably a little it of good genes thrown in the mix.

If you’re not going to listen to celebrities, how do you know which products are best for your skin? Where do you start? First, avoid the beauty section of department stores. Second, head to a QUALIFIED source like your dermatologist or esthetician.

After throwing out a shelf of half-used skincare products (the wasted money!), I made a deal with myself. As a way of truly testing the products to see how my skin adjusted and benefited, I would stick to ONE routine for at least six months and see how my skin felt. Along with that deal came the bonuses of decluttered shelves and, perhaps most importantly, money saved because, WOW, skincare can be pricey!

After a bit of research, detailed conversations with my esthetician, and some brief trial and error, I came out with a winning routine, and my skin has never looked better.

It’s been its been nine months since my little experiment ended, and I have yet to make any changes. This doesn’t mean that as I age, I won’t have to re-assess, it just means that now and for the next few years, this is my skincare routine. It’s a bit boring and overly consistent, but it WORKS.

My skin thanks me because, finally, it has what it needs to look natural, repair itself at night and stay healthy through long travel days, jet lag, chasing my kiddos around and the hot Florida sun. My wallet thanks me because, let’s be honest, I wasted a lot of money on products I barely used. And, maybe most important, my daily schedule thanks me because I know exactly what I am doing day and night. There is no overthinking, no trying to choose which product to try on which days. It takes me under a minute in the morning, an invaluable amount of time saved in my day. So, if there is anything you can do to help with day-to-day and long-term skin, it’s a consistent, loyal skincare routine. I promise you’ll find results in more ways than one and you’ll look great too! 🖤

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