Sneakers Save the Day 1

I see sneakers like a superhero. They might stay incognito for a time, but when they come out of hiding to help a poor stiletto-abused arch or ballet flat-pinched toe, everyone claps loudly, high-fives, and cheers. I honestly don’t know who started the comeback of sneakers, but bravo and I. Am. In.

Every top design house from prude Prada to riche Roger Vivier to classic Chanel has come out with a trendy, cool sneaker this past year. For the first time ever, these luxury designers have had to “keep up with Joneses” with something … Granted, when they got there, they blew everyone else out of the water, but they were forced to conform to a trend dictated by the consumer (US)… which is stylish, trendy, but classy comfort.

I have always been a tomboy at heart, so sneakers with a skirt or dress feels a little amazing, a little devilish and little “cool” to me. I think back to all of the successful shoe companies that flourished in the ’90s like Converse, Keds, and Puma. They started the cool west coast kicks, the preppy coastal pedaling-a-beach-cruiser look, and the rebellious hooded sweatshirt city vibe. All looks that we may have predicted would run their course, but they are all back with a vengeance …  Or, should I say, it is back – the “sneaker paired with anything” look. It’s hip; it’s acceptable, it’s cool, it’s beautiful and… it’s comfortable.

Casual athletic sneakers have always been great with your go-to yoga pant outfit, but they now fit into your wardrobe in so many other ways. Once small designers like Golden Goose have changed the sneaker dynamic. I own a few pairs, one with leopard laces that I wear with burgundy leather pants, one white and silver that goes with everything, and one pink and blue sequin that is my go-to Disney shoe.  But the same goes for the top high fashion houses that have used their amazing creative juices and produced shoes for all types! Below are some of my favorite sneakers out there … Message me if you want some outfit inspo:

Sneakers Save the Day 2
Sneakers Save the Day 3
Sneakers Save the Day 4
Sneakers Save the Day 5
Louis Vuitton

No matter what designer sneaker it is you choose, wear it with something out of the ordinary and wear it with pride. Your feet will thank you, and your style will too … Plus, having a sneaker as your favorite superhero rather than a stiletto sounds kind of … super 

Sneakers Save the Day 6

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