Add these tips to your skincare routine to refresh your face for the holidays or whenever your need a little extra glow.

Tips to Refresh Your Skin during the Winter.

I don’t know about you, but it seems like I have 2-3 holiday-related events each week right now – from the kid’s school plays and parties to festive cocktails with friends and dinner parties with the hubs. It’s seriously nonstop. Let’s just be honest though, it’s also cold, and I’m exhausted, which means my winter skincare routine is rushed and I just don’t have that warm-weather glow that I love so much.

Weather and crazy schedules aside, the holidays are a time to sparkle and shine – and that includes our skin. Here’s my quick and simple winter skin refresh routine I use to add a little shine to the season (and my skin) and get ready for the festive and fun holiday events. Hint: this isn’t just for the holidays. After a short night, a long flight, or a few days under the weather, this routine can give you that little boost of hydration and glow you need.

Winter Skin Refresh Tip One

Say adios to that peach fuzz:

Controversial, but true, shaving the peach fuzz off your face is a fast and easy way to get an instant just-got-a-facial glow. You don’t need fancy products for this, use a man’s razor and your face wash as a lubricant.

Blonde woman with glowing skin.

Winter Skin Refresh Tip Two


Now that the peach fuzz is gone, it’s time to deal with glowy-skin enemy #2, dead skin cells (gross, but I had to say it). With the mix of cold weather outside and heat inside, your skin dries out and dies faster in the winter. Before you invest in a new collection of products for a new skincare routine, exfoliate and see an immediate difference. A few of my favorite exfoliators:

Rodan & Fields Microderm Paste: this has a mix of oil and superfine microderm beads. It’s honestly amazing, and it comes in a huge jar that lasts forever. Be careful if you have sensitive skin. 

Clinique Exfoliating Scrub: a classic and great for travel 

Beautiful woman with glowing skin.

Winter Skin Refresh Tip Three

Deep clean:

Now that you got rid of that layer of dead skin, it’s time to really clean your skin. Clarisonic is still the best for this. Use your standard face wash and give your skin a deep cleaning. 

Skincare routine for winter events.

Winter Skin Refresh Tip Four


I bet you’re already swooning over your dewy, glowy skin, and we haven’t even gotten to products! For products, treat yourself to a skin oil. I love this one by Guerlain. But choosing the right winter face oil boils down to skin type. FutureDew by Glossier is a combination of oil and serum and is incredible for all skin types.

Blonde woman with beautiful skin.

Winter Skin Refresh Tip Five

Eye cream:

Use it morning and night. Double it up in your winter skincare routine. That delicate eye skin needs extra hydration, especially during the cold weather season. Try this one by Shiseido

Add these steps to your skincare routine to refresh your skin before those holiday events.

Winter Skin Refresh Tip Six


Before you put on your makeup, you’ll want to use a hydrating primer. It may seem counter-intuitive, but because winter weather dries out the skin, your foundation can often accentuate those dry patches rather than hide them. A primer not only helps your makeup stay on, but it softens dry skin, pores, and fine lines. Hourglass is the best, and their Veil Mineral Primer is great for almost all skin types. 

There you go! Use these six quick steps to refresh your skin this winter, and you’ll look like you just walked out of the spa in St. Barths. Get glowing and get festive, my friends. Xx


Skin Refresh for Your Holiday Event 1


Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products and brands I love.

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Skin Refresh for Your Holiday Event 2 Turn on your JavaScript to view content

What's your go-to skin refresh in the winter?

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