Shake Up Your Makeup 1

I am so flattered by all the amazing messages and notes I’m getting on my makeup. I wish that I had some third-generation secret recipe for what I do, but the truth, is it’s all about trial and error.

On the surface, I don’t do very much with my skin. I see a holistic aesthetician at Tammy Fender once a month. She performs a deep cleansing facial, sometimes with 20 minutes of micro-current, which is an all-natural way of boosting the collagen/muscles in your skin. I leave there with a bottle of Tammy’s famous EPI Peel (which I use once a week) and a smile on my face — done and done.

My makeup routine is pretty simple as well. After years of trying to find a foundation that would not make me yellow or cakey or oily in the Florida humidity, I have finally found a go-to by Laura Mercier that is light and simple (and the bottle lasts me for months). More importantly, it takes me from day to night.

Here are my steps to achieve a clean, natural-looking face. And when hitting the town, just add a great smokey eye and a dab more of highlighter to your already gorgeous canvas: 

1. Apply a primer with a light cream-friendly brush. Primer should actually go on like a foundation, versus something you rub in with your fingers like a moisturizer. Here are my top 3 primers at the moment: 

2. Apply foundation. I use a brush from Tom Ford that is phenomenal and easy to clean (super important, by the way, to clean your brushes). Blend well and tread lightly.

3. Liquid concealer which, when bought in a lighter shade, can act as an under eye brightener. I take a dab of Lancome Maquicomplet in shade 010 and put two dots under my eyes. I use my fingertips and make a small V (to the mid-bridge of my nose) under my eyes. Suddenly, I am awake! 🙂

4. Contour your cheeks. I found this very Sandra Dee version of a contour pen from Georgio Armani, and I love it. I fish-face and use its soft sponge applicator under my cheekbones, then blend. It is subtle and natural, but also impactful.

5. Next is my bronzer. This is by far the step that took me LOTS of trials. I have looked yellow, and orange, and brown … I finally found this great palate from HourGlass that works with my skin tone and gives me a slight shimmer. I take a thin powder brush, like this one from Bobbi Brown and swipe above my contour line but below my cheekbone. I then take it to the top brim of my forehead and the edges of my jawline.

6. I. HATE. BLUSH. Ask my go-to makeup artist …  I shake my 37-year-old finger at her every time she comes at me with something pink for my cheekbones. 🙂 I found this great, inexpensive shade from NYX a few months back. I swipe twice on the apples of my cheeks and MOVE ON.

Shake Up Your Makeup 2

 7. Highlighter has been one of the makeup items that I have bought way too many of the past year. Actually, to the point that when I get to this step, I get all nervous and indecisive over which one to choose! I love them all and, I say, the more, the merrier (though apply one at a time). Check out my favorites below and find a great brush like this one from Charlotte Tillbury to dab a little shimmer above your blush and under the tip of your nose (between your upper lip line and nostrils).

Charlotte Tilbury
8. Better Than Sex. Who the hell thought of that name for mascara? And, with the name, why am I asking why this is the BEST mascara ever?!? I mean, try it. It’s by Too Faced and, while I beg to differ on the name, it’s pretty darn close. 9. On my way out the door in the morning, I dab a little something on my lips. It’s always a shade of nude for me but find your comfort zone. I have friends that can wear a shade of pink or rouge from dawn ‘til dusk. Whatever it may be for you, work it, but if you choose the color route, make sure you carry the color with you and a makeup sponge to dab the outline of your lips, so you don’t turn into scary, runny lip Mom in the pickup line at school.

Love my looks, but still lost on how YOU can pull it off? Make sure to check out GET STYLED to learn how I can help you embrace your style, find your confidence, and love yourself in the process!

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