Say Cheese: How To Whiten Your Teeth and make Them Glo

My review of the in-office, take-home Glo Teeth Whitening Treatment

Two women standing in dental office.

How many times do you hear THAT around the Holidays?! “Smile,” “Say Cheese,” “Look Happy.” It seems like there is a photographer, a photo booth, or an in-law with an iPhone everywhere this time of year. It’s easy to look good for the camera these days – We can dress to the nines, have our hair blown out, and get our make-up done. But, what about our “smiles?” And I don’t mean lip-plumping gloss or expensive lipstick. What about our teeth? Our teeth don’t ever get the kind of quick, VIP treatment that our hair and skin do. And, I have always said that a smile is the best thing a person can wear. So, when the opportunity arose to try a new teeth whitening system, I was all in for the chance to improve my pearly whites.

I have tried several whitening programs over the years. Like most of us on a budget, I have given the over-the-counter whitening strips a chance. And, I have invested WAY too much money (and time) in the customizable take-home trays that every dentist promises will work … if you don’t drink coffee or red wine (which is like asking me not to breathe). So, when Dr. Paré came to me to try out a new whitening system – GLO – I was over the moon to give something different a try.

Glo Teeth Whitening In-Office at Dr. Paré’s Office in Jupiter

First off, for my local friends, Dr. Paré’s office, located in Jupiter, is nothing but amazing. Stunning white walls, brand new equipment, squeaky clean floors, and staffed by some of the nicest people on earth. Everything felt pristine the minute I walked in, which is exactly what we all want when visiting a dentist.

Dr. Paré’s office located in Jupiter

My Glo Teeth Whitening Review

So, want the nitty-gritty on GLO? GLO is an in-office/take-home procedure, a two-part whitening treatment. When I arrived at Dr. Paré’s office, I learned about the technology behind the system (which I won’t go into all the details, but it is super interesting), had some before photos taken, and then began the treatment. The initial whitening procedure is done using professional-strength whitening gel with a GLO ultraviolet light mouthpiece. The mouthpiece was a generic size and mine to keep. I sat for three 8-minute whitening treatments—no fitting for trays, no gagging on glue or wax, no uncomfortable mouth positions. And, news to my over-booked holiday-schedule ears, the whole process took about 40mins—Bing, Bang, Boom.

Woman getting teeth whitened.

The Glo Teeth Whitening Take-Home Kit

After the procedure, I was given this small, super chic, take-home kit with my mouthpiece, charging cords, and whitening gel. The take-home process is easy, too. Keep the mouthpiece charged and use it once a month to keep those teeth glistening.

Take-home Glo Teeth Whitenig Kit

 Some may ask, what makes GLO different from the rest!? Well, everything from it being updated technology, easy, non-invasive to it ACTUALLY working. Honestly, I can’t think of a better Christmas gift around the holidays! And, if you order now and mention my name, you receive 10% off an already affordable price. Say Cheese!

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