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The cold weather has arrived, and it’s here to stay for the next several months. My first thought when the cashmere scarves and puffer coats come out is to retreat to warmer weather and heat things up! It’s coming on January 1, and everyone from Maine to Michigan to Montana is starting to daydream of sandy beaches, tropical sunsets, and fresh mojitos. 

Resort season is my favorite of the year. Designers of all tiers bring a breath of fresh air to storefronts with their embroidered cover-ups, floppy straw hats, and bright colored bikinis. While the thought of getting into a bathing suit post-holiday festivity is frightening, there really is nothing more fun than taking an afternoon off from the harsh weather conditions and shopping for warm weather clothes.

But fun as it may be, shopping can also be intimidating, and packing can be overwhelming. Below are some of my “pre-resort rules to live by.” Take a peek and use them to help you navigate through stores and packing wisely. 


Pick out two beautiful cover-ups, one short and simple, and one long and vibrant.

2. Choose your bathing suits to match your cover-ups. If I am going on a trip for 4 days, I pack 3 patterned suits to go under the plain cover-up and 3 solid colored suits to go under the other. Bathing suits take up no space in your bag, so I always lean towards the more, the merrier!

Buy a new bathing suit annually each resort season. You never know how your body has changed from childbirth, or how your confidence has risen from endless Pilates sessions. Choose a new suit and own it.

3. Plan your lunches and evenings out, so you don’t overpack “fancy clothes.” I used to be a culprit of packing like I was eating a white-gloved dinner every night just to realize I ate most of my meals in a sundress. Your nice clothes should be light and limited. After all, you’re on VACAY.

4. Dress up your looks with beautiful, exotic statement earrings. There are so many amazing companies right now whose earrings are all you need to spice up a black strappy maxi dress or Poupette St Barth cover up. Check out: Mercedes Salazar, Mignonne Gavigan, Yvonne Leon, and Casa Chiqui.

5. Sunnies are another way to make an outfit stand out without taking up too much space in your suitcase. Choose some fun shapes and styles and take an ordinary sunbathing session to a new level (loading up on sunscreen, of course!).


Invest in a great beach bag and carry it on the plane. You can put valuables in it, or your computer for the flight, but a big one will never do you wrong. I usually put my wide brim floppy hat in one when I travel, to ensure nothing gets crushed.

7. Choose your sandals like you do your cover-ups. A couple staples and one eye-catching pair. If you have a fun night out planned, pack a heel that can be transversal. Espadrilles work day and night in tropical environments or opt for a wedge heel to look a little more refined.  

8. Pack your skincare essentials.
Days in the sun can leave your skin dry and damaged. I pack plenty of sunscreen, serums, and color protectant sprays for my hair when I’m planning a few days in the sun.

Use these tips to help you get organized and, more importantly, get going on planning that trip! There is only so much winter, wind, and snow one can take until she comes retreating to resort … xx

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