Endless turquoise waters... just waiting to be discovered. Photo by @bahamarresorts #RWJourneys #RosewoodHotels #RosewoodBahaMar
Endless turquoise waters... just waiting to be discovered. Photo by @bahamarresorts #RWJourneys #RosewoodHotels #RosewoodBahaMar

Everyone’s family is different. And, thus, everyone’s vision of the perfect family vacation is also different. When it comes to your precious vacation time, you either know how you want to spend it, or you don’t. But you have the good sense to perform trial and error to discover what works and doesn’t work for your family…


Travel to New England for a fun-filled week of lobster rolls, rocky coasts, and long hikes. Kid 1 is allergic to shellfish. Kid 2 is afraid of the woods. Maine.


An eight-hour car ride to a warm getaway where you’ve planned prop plane rides, paddle boarding and tons of fun in the sun! Kid 1 throws up three times during the car ride. Kid 2 has flashbacks from the zany shark in Finding Nemo. The Florida Keys.
For my family, we flew across the country to San Francisco to see the heights and sights, ride the trolley and take walks around Fisherman’s Wharf. Kid 1 & 2, Parent 1 & 2 were so tired from the time change, they could barely complete sentences. We had coffee at 4 am and breakfast as soon as anything opened. And NO ONE liked the hilly, up and down trolley ride. Like, no one. West Coast for Toddlers & Parents of Toddlers.


Regardless of the ups and downs, your family vacation is all about what YOU, want to do, and what works for your family. Some love the silence and sanity of trips to Wyoming or Colorado. Some love the fresh food and air from the Northeast. And, some love the constant energy of the theme parks. Over time, as much as we try and fight it, we find out what works for “us.” For my family, it is sunshine, 20 million aquatic options, ice cream, and adult beverages.

Which brings me to my first Travel Post…


Our Family Vacation to the Rosewood Baha Mar 1
Every hue of blue under the Bahamian sun. 💙 Photo by @passport.and.a.carryon #ASenseofNassau #RosewoodBahaMar #RosewoodHotels #RWJourneys

I searched and searched for a resort that would fit my family’s needs. My husband and I have had enormous luck with Rosewood properties in the past, so I went onto their site one night to discover they had opened a new property in the Bahamas. BINGO. To our embarrassment, living on the east coast of Florida, we have never ventured to the Bahamas or Caribbean. Why? Not sure. But when I read about Rosewood Baha Mar, I felt like I had won the family vacay lottery. A quick 45-minute flight from West Palm Beach, steamy but breezy tropical climate, amazing accommodations and … (silent fist pump) it’s kid friendly!!! Click. Click. Click. We are booked.

Flying into the Bahamas is an unreal experience. I feel like there are few things in life that you can see again and again and always feel nostalgic. A breathtaking sunset, true blue water, peaceful white sand beaches. Yes. Flying in, all you see is aqua. It is mesmerizing and will get anyone in the Baha Mar mood.

(A Review)

Rosewood never lets down. For a property that is still virgin to the Bahama Islands, it doesn’t have much catching up to do. The interior of the hotel was a soothing, upscale coastal. They captured unpretentious-meets-island happy, which I imagine took some creative thinking. The rooms had the same vibe, and to my husband’s delight, had amazing waterworks (read: the shower was top notch and bathtub fit two of our kids!) We laugh about it, but it always makes or breaks our trip. A good shower is a must.

Our Family Vacation to the Rosewood Baha Mar 2
Open now, we are anticipating your arrival in The Bahamas. #RosewoodBahaMar #RosewoodHotels #RWJourneys
Our Family Vacation to the Rosewood Baha Mar 3
Designed with you in mind, our suites offer unparalleled luxury. #RosewoodHotels #RosewoodBahaMar #RWJourneys
Our Family Vacation to the Rosewood Baha Mar 4
With an en-suite like this, you might find it hard to leave your room. #RosewoodHotels #RosewoodBahaMar #RWJourneys
Our Family Vacation to the Rosewood Baha Mar 5
Bahamian refinement and timeless charm on view anywhere you look at #RosewoodBahaMar. #RWJourneys #ASenseofNassau #RosewoodHotels
Our Family Vacation to the Rosewood Baha Mar 6
Settle in at The Library and stay awhile. #RosewoodHotels #RosewoodBahaMar #RWJourneys
Our Family Vacation to the Rosewood Baha Mar 7
There's room service and then there's room service at #RosewoodBahaMar. What will you order? ☕️ #ASenseofTaste #RosewoodHotels #RWJourneys

The service was impeccable. We were greeted with an in-house butler which always ups the luxury experience. The butler was never hovering but intuitively checked in at the right times. If we had a change in our not-so-busy schedule, they took care of it with a quick text message. This is a level of luxury that Rosewood has nailed – service at the touch of your hand.

What was most amazing for us about Baha Mar was what we didn’t know. We knew the quality of the Rosewood properties, but we had no idea what the Baha Mar – which has three hotels – establishment entailed. Dozens of pools with at least three lifeguards at every site, a kid-friendly beach, a man-made rock jump (see photos, so hard to explain), a swim-up aquarium filled with sea turtles, sharks and thousands of tropical fish, and …. food trucks. My husband and I enjoy a sit-down meal. My children do not. The food trucks had us at “hello.” A hot dog stand, slider stand, taco stand … the list goes on. Just what a family needs when you can’t convince the kids they have to get out of the pool for more than 5 minutes to eat. Well, of course, they will if they can go to a truck and stand and shovel, I mean eat – duh!?! Brilliant. And side note, does anyone else agree the only thing their kids eat slowly are ice cream cones? I mean, I can’t blame them, but as it drips down their sweet little faces, onto their chins and their (perhaps, brand spanking new) swimsuit, all I can hear in my head is Freddie chanting to me “another one bites the dust.” Goodbye, new swimsuit. You lived a good 6-hour life.

Rosewood Baha Mar best places to travel in 2020
With so many activities in or out of the sea, #RosewoodBahaMar makes the perfect spot for your spring break vacation. See you soon! #RWJourneys #ASenseofNassau
Our Family Vacation to the Rosewood Baha Mar 8
Join us for a day of golf at Royal Blue, our 18-hole, par-72 course that winds its way through a naturally evolving tropical landscape. ️⛳️ For more information visit the link in our bio. #RosewoodBahaMar #RWJourneys #RosewoodHotels #ASenseofNassau


Last but not least, it rained one day. Not a big deal when you are on an adult vacation, but when you have your children with you, it is every parent’s nightmare. They offer brief, but brilliant, kids camps. 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm. Camp counselors are there to entertain and hang with your kiddos so that parents can catch a breath. It was then we learned about the other properties within Baha Mar. The SLS (which we didn’t visit) and the Hyatt. The Hyatt has a full and clean casino, surrounded by different restaurants and shops. For an hour, my husband found himself in a gastropub that had every sporting match on imaginable. I found myself at the slots (yes, I won!). We reconvened and had a lovely lunch and watched the raindrops fall. What was interesting about that hour is that we ran into a couple we knew, then a few celebrity athletes … it made me think to myself; the word is out. So, my advice to you is, you better act fast before this hidden jewel gets discovered by all! 🖤

Photos Courtesy of  Rosewood Baha Mar

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