As a self-deemed fashion junkie, attending a Fashion Week has always been a bucket lister for me. When the call came that I was officially invited to NYFW, it felt like a dream come true. And, when the official schedule of shows we would be viewing landed in my inbox, my heart skipped a beat. Wow. IT was really happening. But, what exactly would “happen?” I had no idea, which may have been the best part as my expectations were beyond met. It was an epic experience.

About a month out, as any true fashionista would, I started to think about my outfits.

I know, roll your eyes at me, but it is SUPER challenging to think about outfits not just for the actual shows, but for the evenings out, business meetings, and “down time.” And, I am all about having outfit options for when I travel, but this was one of those situations where one could really overpack! Basically, I knew the right and fun thing to do was to wear the designer of each respected show, but with a line-up of eight shows in one day, that was next to impossible. So, I chose two designers per day and hoped I had time to change in between one of them. 

Choosing looks for evenings out was fun and easy and a chance for me to express my true “city” self. The rest of the outfits revolved around jeans, sneakers and comfortable tee shirts because, WOW, did my feet hurt from all the pumps and heels!  

So I am all packed, ready to go. 

What would happen once I got there? I truly had NO idea what to expect. I envisioned long, straight runways, gorgeous super models and lots of smartly dressed people. I had no clue about how much actually went into a “show.” Starting with choosing the venue and ending with what music to play during the show, there was so much involved. These “shows,” which were never in the same spot around the city, were works of art. They were performances. They were artistic bombshells. 

Yes, the fashion forward clothing was unreal and interesting to observe, but the actual show was what surprised me with most. It was everything from glitzy Swarvoski Crystal embellishments at Area to a full-on light show at Brandon Maxwell to a true rock band playing at Ulla Johnson. Every show was so amazing, but so different from the last and the next. 

And, yes, having the opportunity to have a “sneak peak” at the 2020 Spring Season clothing was exciting, too. I felt like I was watching a sneak preview of a not-yet-launched blockbuster movie. I left each show feeling like I had a secret for a moment that only a few other people had …. And, then of course, within the next hour, the show would appear on every form of social media and website (p.s. always go to to see the best photos of each look). 

As a woman in her late 30’s, it continues to blow my mind the power of Social Media. Celebrities and Fashion Editors who once sat in the front row of these shows have been replaced by Influencers. While it caught (and continues to take) me by surprise, it was a good indication of the direction that our society has taken. It’s one not to be taken for granted, nor underappreciated of its power. 

What did I – Krista Glover – walk away with after NYFW was all said and done? So much more than next Spring’s clothing lines. I walked away with a fashion world buzz that would stick with me for weeks. An inspiration to use my own creativity, go after my own dreams and a goal to experience another Fashion Week abroad. 

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