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It’s Mother’s Day, the day every mother should be showered with love. For some, Mother’s Day means a cozy breakfast in bed with the little ones. For others, it means a fancy brunch with family. And for some, it means a day at the spa, a cup of coffee alone, or a trip to the gym. No matter what your special activity is on Mother’s Day, it’s meant to be a day that we can halt the breaks and set aside the chaos of life! And, it’s also a day to be grateful for those who make our crazy lives complete.

The Perfect Mother’s Day

If I had my perfect Mother’s Day, I would wake up to my children making a homemade breakfast of choice (supervised by Dad, of course). We would all sit down and eat together and marvel at how amazing the gooey, chocolate chip pancakes tasted. Next, I would take my mother to get our nails done followed by a light lunch on the water. We could catch up on life, have a glass of bubbles and enjoy our time together without any distractions (aka cute, but busy children/grandchildren). Lastly, I would spend the afternoon by the pool with the kiddos, tuck them into bed early and my husband and I would cook a nice meal together. So, there you have it, my perfect Mother’s Day! While this may never happen, there still lingers the daydreamy question – … What would I wear!? An important question we ask ourselves all too often, without taking the time to indulge in the answer. But even if it’s just this one day a year, indulge yourselves, mama!

Snuggle Up To Breakfast In Bed With The Kiddos

To me, there is nothing better than nice intimates. And, no … I am not talking about the kind you take on your honeymoon. I am talking about the kind you can comfortably wear around your children. There is something glamorous, and sophisticated about a silk robe. I put it on and feel like a “Mom” movie star. One of my favorite brands to achieve this effortless look is Carine Gilson, but there are tons of other brands that vary in price point. I like Carine Gilson because the quality of silk is supreme, and the style is fun-feminine meets mystic-mysterious. I have several pieces with coordinating robes that make me feel stylishly special, but my kids also love to snuggle up next to me because they are so soft and silky. A win for all of us, I would say, and what I would wear for my Mother’s Day Breakfast in bed! Below are some beautiful intimates by Carine Gilson that I have had my eye on:

A Stylish Mother’s Day Brunch

A ladies (or Mother’s Day) lunch sounds like the perfect occasion to wear something stylish. Being in Florida, I would pull out a light and airy maxi dress or wide leg trouser with some fabulous accessories.

My Mother's Day Style 2
o matter what your special activity is on Mother's Day, it's meant to be a day that we can halt the breaks and set aside the chaos of life! And, it's also a day to be grateful for those who make our crazy lives complete. 

If I had my perfect Mother's Day, I would ...
o matter what your special activity is on Mother's Day, it's meant to be a day that we can halt the breaks and set aside the chaos of life! And, it's also a day to be grateful for those who make our crazy lives complete. 

If I had my perfect Mother's Day, I would ...
My Mother's Day Style 3

I love this look for My Mother’s Day lunch – silky, floral embroidered wide leg pants with a tight-fitting pastel top (Cille approved, of course, since pink is my daughter’s favorite color). I added some trendy shoes and shades to spice up the look a bit, but my outfit still feels lovely and light. Whatever your climate, pick out something that breaths both comfort and creative. After all, as a mom, you probably don’t get many lunches out.

Be Comfortable And Confidence At The Pool

Poolside Glamour. Oh yes, there is such a thing, and believe it or not, it’s a very important thing. For women, the word “poolside” can bring up feelings of excitement and confidence, or terror and anxiety. For so many women, especially moms (and recent moms), the pool is far from glamorous. I don’t know how many times in my life I have said: “Do I have to put on a bathing suit!?” Body image is such a delicate topic, but something I have tried to be conscious of around my daughter. No matter how good or bad I feel about my body, I always make sure to act and dress appropriately by the pool. As my little “repeat,” if I am complaining about my thighs, she will likely start doing the same thing. Thankfully, whether I am having a good or bad “pool” day, brands have now mastered the cover-up. They come in virtually every style, color, and length; it’s just a matter of finding one that works for you and covers up just enough to feel glam. Camilia is one of my favorite poolside brands at the moment. The bathing suits and cover-ups are flirty and fabulous. Just what the doctor ordered for poolside fun! So, you’d catch me by the pool on Mother’s Day in something like the below!

Relax And Lounge In Chic Comfort

The day has ended, and it’s time to relax and cook! And who says we have to look frumpy while doing so? Many of us mamas spend most of our day in lounge wear and even those of us who don’t spend most of our evenings in it. Just because these clothes are reserved mainly for home, and no one other than family will ever see them, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spoil yourself finding the most comfortable pieces you can, especially if you live in them.

I like to find soft and feminine lines, like Skin. OMG, if I had a line of clothing I could live in … Everything from tops to bottoms to robes. You can wear them anywhere around the house, from your kitchen to your bed:

Embrace Your Mother’s Day With Style, Confidence, and Gratitude

Whether I get pancakes in bed or a cup of coffee over first-grade homework; whether I wear my favorite outfit to lunch or the one handpicked by my daughter; whether the day was all I thought it’d be… or drastically different. For me, Mother’s Day will always be “the best day ever” because I am fortunate to be a mother to two amazing kids.

So, whatever your Mother’s Day ends up being, I hope you make the most of it regardless of what you wear. And whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and show your children the best thing a mom can be is just herself. Happy Mother’s Day!

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