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When I think of pastels, I immediately think of Easter eggs and baby blankets. Neither of which I would incorporate into my wardrobe 😊. If you explored my closet, you would be challenged to find more than a few pastel items – they’re just not my thing, not my look, not my style. They’re dainty and light and look horrible on my very pale skin. Plus, by now, you probably know that my style thrives on black, neutrals and some small bursts of bright color. I strive for edgy, chic, and a tad bit of bold. So, when the expected pastel trend pops up every spring, I get a little … what’s the word … uneasy. Investing in pastels for my wardrobe feels like cheating on my go-to, style staples.

But the beauty of fashion is the lack of (total) commitment to one look. Wearing a color, fabric or style that isn’t your typical look isn’t a lifelong obligation – you can test things out, try a new color or trend and not feel like your unfaithful to your established, go-to style. With Chic Meets West, I’m not only sharing my style icons and outfit inspiration for you, but I’m also challenging you to try new looks. And when it comes to spring pastels, I’m taking a page out of my own book and giving them a fair shot. So, let’s talk about lightening up … your color game.

Lighten Up 2

The key to pastels is to wear them in a way that feels chic and modern. I would recommend avoiding an all-pastel dress or head-to-toe pastel outfit – that’s a quick way to look like a seasonal marshmallow or a page out of “Baby Showers Gone Bad.” This spring, I am experimenting with pastels in separates and accessories, blending a chosen pastel color with other pieces that keep the tone of my edgy vibe. One look I loved creating was a light pink, ribbed top with ripped white jeans and color coordinating sneakers. Instead of looking soft and girl-ish, this look felt cool and clean. And, the amazing velvet sneakers with logo laces by Christian Dior gave it a slight high-fashion tomboy feel.

Along with accessories, tops and blouses are an easy way to add pastel to your outfit. They feel spring-like and on-trend, but can be blended into any style, whether it be yours or mine!

So, if you’re style is as dark or neutral based as mine is, as you look at the Spring colors and shutter, don’t shy away from a subtle pastel piece. You can pair it with an all black outfit, neutrals and even dark denim and still feel like you’re sporting an edgy and exciting Spring look! After all, Spring is the easiest season to lighten up…

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