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The term “glow” has taken the beauty world by storm this past year. From cosmetics to facial masks to body polish, the industry has pushed “glow” on us as aggressively as it is pushed blue eye shadow in the 80’s and hair sprayed top buns in the 90’s. I have done some serious trial and error on what makes my skin feel best and, ultimately, glow with or without makeup. I have tried high-end and low-end products that specialize in feet, foreheads and both cheeks!
Here are some of my favorite goodies on the market right now. Products that I feel are worth the time and money to keep your skin feeling radiant:
Unlike other beauty trends, the “glow” is a fad you need to embrace. It holds a new meaning of beauty, beyond what you look like. On the surface, glow may mean a top designer face highlighter, or a high-end illuminating facial or an over the counter shimmer body scrub. But I see the term “glow” going a bit deeper. While there is nothing that makes me feel better than a woman saying to me post-facial “Krista, your skin is glowing,” lets go a layer beyond our normally under-exfoliated skin. Is it a wave from your children at school drop off, an endearing compliment from your husband before a date night? Or, perhaps it’s a pat on the back from your boss after securing a new deal? And moms, we all know there is a reason why they call it “the pregnancy glow,” carrying your child is the most amazing feeling in the world, and that shines from the inside out. For me, I glow most when I host family holidays and birthday parties for my children. All that time and hard work I put into hosting pays off with the smiles and hugs from those I love most. It puts a warm feeling in my heart and soul that immediately results in a genuine smile on my face and a radiating glow to my skin. My best beauty advice for getting your ultimate glow is to recognize and embrace what makes you feel best on the inside and let it glow … xx
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