Infatuated with Isabel Marant 1

I am becoming obsessed with following designers of-the-moment. As exciting as it is to watch a premier house that has been around for years make a massive comeback, I have to admit that I really love seeing someone new prevail. I recall a few years back seeing Fergie on the front of a Cosmo cover in this eye-catching cream jumpsuit. I searched online and found the designer – Misha Nonoo. To this day I own the jumpsuit and a number of their other fabulous, clean cut items. But not only was this line fabulous, but it was also silent… I loved watching it take off. And, I immediately wanted to support it.

My newfound love has been with Isabel Marant. While the line has been around for quite some time, it came out on a mission in 2018 and has continued to be one of the “it” designers in 2019. The cuts are flirty, the prints are edgy, and the belts are flat out kick ass. The brand has created this perfect mixture of Etro-Bohemian and a cool (and uprising) Australian Vibe. So … I bought an outfit. A head-to-toe Isabel Marant ensemble. I mean, I LOVE it for what it is, but also for its comfort and transparency.

Infatuated with Isabel Marant 2
Infatuated with Isabel Marant 3
Infatuated with Isabel Marant 4

There are a number of new season Isabel Marant pieces out that are just as fun and fabulous. Below are two Isabel Marant outfits I created. All the items – paired together or separately – are fun and easy additions your wardrobe as we plan for Spring. So, whether Isabel Marant is your style or not, pay attention to new, young, or re-established designers. After all, everyone in life needs a cheerleader …

Look One

Look Two

Infatuated with Isabel Marant 5
Infatuated with Isabel Marant 6
Infatuated with Isabel Marant 7
Infatuated with Isabel Marant 8
Infatuated with Isabel Marant 9
Infatuated with Isabel Marant 10
Infatuated with Isabel Marant 11

Infatuated with Isabel Marant 12

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