Hues of Blue 1
The new year is here and what comes with a new year is a new color trend. What I am seeing and loving right now are unusual and vibrant hues of blue. And, what makes them even more exciting is that so many of them are being paired together.

I, for one, am all about a head-to-toe tonal look. While some may find it dull and old-fashioned, I think tone-on-tone gives an elevated, modern twist to any outfit. But, I also love mixing different shades of a specific color to give an outfit some dimension. With all the different varieties of blue out right now, this option is an easy one!

While shopping with a friend in the Hamptons last summer, I ran across this gorgeous Fleur du Mal slip dress in a shade of blue I hadn’t seen in a while. The best way to describe it is to imagine the deepest blue part of a peacock. The color was so rich and mature, but still fun … I am daydreaming of how I would have accessorized it … a pop of teal in my shoe, a stunning aqua clutch or even a navy blazer. Ugh, I am kicking myself for not getting it! But, as I surf the web and browse through stores this week, I realize that I have plenty of other ways to incorporate that beautiful peacock blue into my wardrobe. And, it doesn’t just stop there … I’m seeing wild electric blue (my mind goes straight to Debbie Gibson for some reason), soft baby blue and more conservative navy. And, my personal favorite, a classic cobalt.

I thought it might be fun to put a few different outfits together for you showing how I would mix my blues. Hope you have as much fun checking these out as I did creating them! 🖤

Errand Day Ensemble

Hues of Blue 2


Poolside Lunch Outfit

Hues of Blue 3

Impromptu Date Night

Hues of Blue 4
Hues of Blue 5
Blue, luxury handbag

Hues of Blue 6

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