How to Wear Springs 3 Hottest Trends

These trendy looks will have you feeling confident and looking fresh!

How to Wea Springs 3 Hottest Trends

I want to say spring has sprung but, the truth of it is, it’s still in the far off distance. Yes, we may still be scraping ice off our car windshields and wearing jackets over our… jackets, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start daydreaming of lighter colors, layers, and lighter clothing in general. I had the privilege of attending NYFW last fall, where I got a sneak peek of some of the upcoming trends. It’s always so exciting to see what’s going to be the next “new,” particularly when the designers are transitioning from winter and resort lines into spring and summer. I fell in love with a few of the styles, so I wanted to share them, and a few other looks predicted for spring 2020. Here’s a little insight into how to wear these upcoming trends.

Spring Trend No. 1: Red

Such a small word for such a big, beautiful color. This spring, get RED-y for red. And not just one shade of it… you’ll be seeing different versions of red that range from rust to poppy. Designers such a Zimmerman and Ulla Johnson used the color in stripes and patterns where Self-Portrait and Cinq a Sept took the tone and created stunning solids. I have always loved red, but have been hesitant to wear it too often because of how “loud” it can be. Most often, I chose to wear it in less conservative settings. With the shades being more bright than bold, this color trend has made itself super versatile and more fun than fiery. Mix red with some light khaki or beige for a less formal look or try it with a pop of pink for a fun night out. 

Ulla Johnson

How to Wear Spring's 3 Hottest Trends 1

Cinq a Sept

How to Wear Spring's 3 Hottest Trends 2


How to Wear Spring's 3 Hottest Trends 3

Spring Trend No. 2: Lace Details

In almost every show I attended, there was at least one piece with some special details of lace. Lace, which forever has been associated with lingerie, has finally found itself a happy medium point between sexy and soft. As the detail on a hem or sleeve, it adds some interest to an outfit without crossing the line. Jonathan Simkhai worked this trend to its fullest in his gorgeous satin skirts and dresses with lace trims. Try this trend in a sleeveless top and jeans for running around town or in a satin midi dress, perfect for a night out with your main man.

Jonathan Simkhai

Jonathan Simkhai lace detailed satin dress
Top 3 Trends of 2020: Jonathan Simkhai ready-to-wear lace.
Top 3 Trends of 2020: Jonathan Simkhai VICTORIA LACE-EMBELLISHED CREPE DRESS

Spring Trend No. 3: Leather on Leather

Music to this girl’s ears. Leather is by far my favorite fabric, so now they’re telling me I can wear it head-to-toe!? I am silently fist-pumping in the kitchen, high-fiving my children in the playroom, and skipping down the hallway of my home. YES, I will happily work leather on leather. This trend plays on function, in that it adds some warmth when the weather can still be a little unpredictable, but it is also super chic and classic … when done the right way. I found a long sleeve leather top with coordinating midi skirt at Balmain that screamed classy and confident. And I love a leather jumpsuit (by a few different designers, including Zimmerman) because it screamed cool, confident, and modern. Bonus: With a push on sustainability and animal rights, most leather fashion pieces are leaning toward vegan, which is both fashionable and friendly. 

Vegan Leather from Jonathan Simkhai

Top Trend of Spring 2020: Vegan Leather

While there are so many other fun trends to look forward to, these are the three I will be trying out this spring. I can’t wait to play with the different shades of red in my daytime dress, test out the lace details in a timeless top, and live happily ever after in my leather on leather. Elle is predicting a season of big pants, short shorts, and prominent color showing up in bright yellows. Here’s more of what I spotted and loved. Keep Reading –> 

This trend plays function, in that it adds some warmth when the weather can still be a little unpredictable, but it is also super chic and classic.

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  1. You look gorg! I’m so into lace right now. Everything in stores is just so feminine and pretty…and has me swooning for spring! XO


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