How to Wear Neutral

Outfit ideas to guide you in styling all shades of neutral.

Blonde woman in neutral outfit with wearing a cowboy hat.

From fun, festive nights out to laid-back loungewear, neutral fashion is a forever look. It’s soft, classy, and timeless, but when styled with a purpose, it can be subtly sexy. The options a color as simple as white offers go on and on; cream, ecru, stone, off-white. Add a touch of beige, camel, or tan, and the richness of the color combination will only enhance your look.

The greatest part about a neutral look is that no matter what shade of neutral you choose to add to your outfit, it will always work together. Its beauty on its own is classic, but when paired together, each color complements each other no matter what time of day you wear them.
Take a simple white dress; they aren’t typically a statement piece, but the outfit takes off when you tie in strong cream or nude accessories.

How to style a simple white dress
Option One

How to style a simple white dress
Option Two

I like to add textures to my looks; fur, leather, velvet, and suede go a long way and elevate an outfit. They also can transition you from day to night!

Blonde woman wearing a neutral fur coat.
fur free fur and Christian Dior Bag
Blonde woman wearing an all whit outfit.
Blonde woman wearing neutral toned outfit.
Woman's Christian Dior Handbag

I love adding hints of gold, silver, or diamond together or on their own; each adds interest and can become an eyepiece to a simple look. Alessandra Rich is one of my current favorite brands, particularly their jewelry collection. They are statement pieces and can turn any outfit into something glamorous.

Statement-Making Neutrals

Blonde woman wearing neutral statement earrings.
Blonde woman wearing head-to-toe white.
Blonde woman in white dress.

So, whatever your event might be, if you’re “feeling” a neutral look, embrace the options! Here are a few ideas to rock these neutals in a fresh way. (Continue Reading). 🖤

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products and brands I love.

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13 Responses

  1. So pretty! Thank you for the tips, neutral tones are my favorite along with black. You can never go wrong with those tones!

  2. These are really helpful tips! I am not an expert when it comes to fashion but love your idea on how to style a white dress. Yes, to adding textures. 🙂 Your Christian Dior bag is gorgeous.

  3. I want every single one of these outfits. They are all stunning and I’ve never thought to wear neutrals in this way before, on some of them. I need to change up my wardrobe I see.

  4. I really like the look of neutrals but had a bit of a hard time putting it together. Recently my daughter helped me to put together a beautiful
    Cream outfit.

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