How To Choose White Shorts that Flatter Your Body Type 1

I can’t tell you how many times I have put on a pair of white shorts in a dressing room and cringed. Ugh! Why are you so tight? Why are you so short? And why are you so completely and utterly see-through!? I would have given up on finding the “right” pair long ago if they weren’t so perfect for summer (and if they didn’t Go.With.Everything.). So, how did I finally find a pair that looked half decent on me? How did I win this battle against the white short? Trial and error … and learning how to choose the right size, fit, and fabric that worked for me.

Size it Up

I don’t care if you’re Kate, Rosie or Gisele, overly tight white shorts don’t look good on anyone. You may order or buy the right – true – size, but we all know that anything white from pants to tops to workout gear shows everything. You may be blessed with a great bum, or fortunate to have no cellulite, but the fact of the matter is … it doesn’t matter. You will still look great in the next size up and probably better. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a pair of shorts on a model, bought them in my size and, when I tried them on, was flabbergasted. Truth be told, those models typically go up a size as well. My best advice is no matter what the style – jean, satin, silk – go up a size.

Fabrics and Lengths

There are some of us who are blessed with long legs, and some who aren’t. There are some of us who have zero cellulite, and some who have it. And there are some of us who are super toned in the tush, and some who fight the saggy booty battle. That’s why, more so than ever, owning what you have is so important when choosing a white short. And in my eyes, it’s all about the length and the fabric. You might find that a high-waisted, flowy white short in a breathable linen or satin is great for showing off your legs more than your bum and upper thighs. If you want to sport a pair of shorts, but don’t want to expose your legs fully, chose an above the knee pair in a gorgeous silk. If you are one of those lucky gals that has beautiful gams up to their ears, go for a shorter, jean or polyester short.

Working the white short is all about working what fits your body type. It’s nothing to be ashamed of either. Some of the most beautiful white shorts are made for women with curves — a high-waisted short shows off a smaller middle section. And a modest length short allows for pumps or a high-heeled sandal. Moral of the white-short story: explore different fabrics and lengths that flatter YOU.

Finding the Right Pair

So where do you go from here? Well, I wish it was super easy, but it’s not. Like I said in my opening paragraph, it’s all about trial and error. I feel like I have tried on more white shorts over time than I have tried on shoes (ok, that may be stretching it, but you catch my drift). Try a few that work for you – not your best friend or favorite influencer – and I promise, you will be sporting this fabulous summer look soon!

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