I have always loved to entertain in my home. I have fond memories – before and after marrying my husband – of themed dinner parties, afternoon BBQ’s, and fun wine tastings. I would pour my heart and soul into perfecting the menu, the décor, the flowers and looking put together when people arrived. But, after having children, entertaining has gotten SO hard.

Don’t get me wrong. Children have brought nothing but joy to Thanksgiving feasts and Birthday celebrations. But, I struggled for a while with balancing how to host people “Krista Style,” keep the kids entertained (and more so, away from playing dodgeball with my décor,  and still have time to blow dry my hair. It took some trial and error, but I have managed to find the balance. Below are some of my tips for being an amazing hostess while still looking good and staying sane.


One.Write it down. Everything.

From your menu, to your guest list to the beverages you are going to offer. It helps keep you organized and will save time the day of. 

Two. Choose your outfit the night before.

 Try it on, feel amazing and know that when it comes down to the wire, you don’t need to waste valuable time rifling through your closet.

Three. Designate Jobs.

If your husband, mother-in-law, or even babysitter can help, delegate the jobs that are simple and one directional – open wine, fill up the ice buckets, light the candles. Steer away from asking someone to finish cooking a dish or arrange flowers because you typically end up having to re-do the task.
Hostess with the Most -ESS 1

Four. Wear an amazing outfit, but be able to work.

Yes, being in stilettos is attractive, but if you are going to be on your feet all night, maybe explore a feminine kitten-heel or an eye-catching flat. Same goes for your clothing. You want to be a “wow,” but if you’re bending over in front of the oven or stirring dishes last minute, chose pants over a skirt and a top without sleeves.

Hostess with the Most -ESS 2

Five. Get a blow out the day before. 

This will inevitably shave 45 minutes off your getting ready process. I usually pin my hair up in curls or rollers when I sleep and leave them until I’m ready to open the door for my first guest.

Six. Spend money where it is needed.

If your party is the size that needs someone offering drinks, pay for a server or two so that you can focus on introducing your guests to each other. Or if you need your babysitter to be there when the kids are going to bed, spend the extra money so you can graciously greet.


Seven. Wear a smile, but wear it neutrally. 

I love lipstick and feel like a pop of color goes a long way, but hosting is a full time job and you don’t have time to run to the bathroom every hour to fix your lips. Find a pretty neutral shade and keep applying a clear gloss throughout the night when you need a refresh.

Hostess with the Most -ESS 3

Eight. Dress for the season.. Wear a smile, but wear it neutrally. 

There is nothing more warm and inviting than a host that dresses for the occasion. Throwing a Holiday party? Find a fitting navy jumpsuit and accessorize with a snowy white belt or earrings. Hosting a Flamingo-themed 6th birthday party? Pull out your hot pink!

Holiday Outfit Inspiration

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