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My husband and I were fortunate to be invited to a holiday party last year at a new friend’s home. Sadly, it was the first one we had been to in years. We got all dressed up in classy, festive attire, kissed our babies goodnight, and headed out on the town. When we walked in the door a certain sense of spirit came over me. The type I recall getting when my mother used make her signature Christmas cookies or when I got a whiff of pine from the Christmas tree. The hosts had a pianist playing Christmas songs with guest-lead caroling, and the house was filled with holiday joy. I sipped on my sparkling wine, sang until my heart was content, and left full of cheer. There is nothing more authentic to this time of year than a good old-fashioned holiday party.
But, something has been lost along the way. Why am I so focused on this artificial Elf on the Shelf or finding the right white poinsettia, when what I really want to be doing is planning and attending holly jolly get-togethers with my children, family, and friends? The holiday party concept seems to be dwindling year after year. People get busy with weekend sports, family travel, or they, quite frankly, don’t have the energy to throw a party. I can’t say I blame anyone, but it makes me sad. Because, along with the laughter and love a festive fete can bring, there is nothing better than getting dressed for a holiday celebration.

If you’re fortunate enough to be attending a few soirees this season, you may ask yourself, how do I dress festively without overdoing it? I want to look great, but also not seem a little too enthusiastic with the sparkles, or look like I’ve mistaken “Let is Snow” for “let it show.” Depending on your style, the options are unlimited. Navy and white are great colors to combine and are available in all sorts of fabrics and styles this winter season. Mix and match the two colors in tops and bottoms, and accessorize with a shiny metallic silver. I also love a good sequin, but like most things, a little goes a long way. Pick one – a sequin top with a tailored pant or a long sleeve sequin mini dress with some quiet earrings. Lately, I’ve been doting on plush velvet accessories. They are available in shoes, bags, and even statement belts. Find a hunter green or burgundy shoulder bag and pair it with a winter white jumpsuit.

Attending, planning, and dressing for parties is so fun, particularly this time of year. So, maybe we can make a pact to bring back the holiday party spirit? I will throw a party if you will …. xx
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Krista Glover | Chic Meets West | Holiday Nights
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