Holiday Card Bonanza 1
I have a love/hate relationship with Holiday cards. My dream:

Glamorous gold and red mistletoe are the backdrop of the photos that will soon be taken. My children are smiling and laughing joyously in every photo while my husband and I look like Calvin Klein models (that are actually in clothing) … we wrap up the photo shoot with a bourbon and hot chocolate singing Christmas Carols by the fire … and my cards land in everyone’s mailboxes on December 3.
And since we all know that it never happens that way, let’s get down to reality. I’m not sure about you, but I have to schedule mine where my kids will do the least damage (erase dreamy boat setting or casual walks on the shoreline). If we have a drink, it’s typically out of desperation, and the majority of our family photo sessions are booked and developed after we come up for air from Thanksgiving. Goodbye December 3. Does this sound like you? THANK GOD. You are a perfect fit for this blog!

Funny moments aside, family photo sessions for the holidays are hard, but the effort pays off. There is nothing I love more than receiving holiday cards. Not only does it give me an opportunity to see what people have been up to for the last year, how their kids have grown, or what pet they added to their family; but I love seeing the distinctive outfits and card designs each family comes up with. Every card I open feels special because every card is different and more importantly, personal.
Holiday Card Bonanza 2
“As a stylist, I LOVE coordinating holiday outfits for my family”
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As a stylist, I LOVE coordinating holiday outfits for my family; splashes of seasonal burgundy and pink, black and a wintry cream, or a mixture of icy blues. It brings out the creative side of me and gives me an excuse to demand that everyone wear what I pick out, because, “its only once a year!!” While my family may not appreciate the actual process, the outcome is always amazing…xxx

CMW Top 3 Holiday Card Tips

Holiday Card Bonanza 3


Choose a color scheme that works with both your family and where you choose to shoot your pictures.


Book your photographer before Halloween, you will never regret it!
Holiday Card Bonanza 4
Holiday Card Bonanza 5


Stay in theme when designing your card. If you chose red for your attire, find a card with a lumberjack background or dress it up with a border of mistletoe. If you chose sea foam green and white for a coastal shoot, find card decor with a festive border, perhaps a string of green lights or sea-themed ornaments decorated for the holidays.

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