How to Dominate a Headband Dilemma

When the headband craze started about a year ago, I wasn’t sure if it was for me. Actually, let’s be honest; I was totally against it for me. For as long as I can remember, I have been the girl with a small head and big ears. So how on earth would I attempt to wear a headband in public? After all, the number one rule of style is “never draw attention to your less appealing attributes.” This headband trend was a definite dilemma. 

But, after seeing celebrity after influencer after supermodel rock the trend, I had to give in and at least give it a try. I was admittingly overwhelmed when I started my search. With so many quality designers creating all variations of headbands, I found myself lost in a sea of sizes, styles, materials, and embellishments. Where was a girl to start!? 

Okay, Krista. Tone down the drama and take a step back. As you may already know, accessories are not my strong suit when it comes to style. So, whenever I get to a point where my accessory-exploring eyes are going in too many directions, I can feel a haute headache coming on. I start by choosing an outfit from my closet that needs an extra oomph and imagine what would take it up a notch. In this case, I had a head-to-toe black outfit, with the only color being silver zippers on the pants. The outfit was very rocker-chic, but it needed a little something to put it over the edge and also soften the edges a bit if you will. This look was the perfect guinea pig getup for trying out a headband.

Next, which designer do I chose? I have always been a fan of Eugenia Kim hats, so I thought she would be a good designer for my virgin headband purchase. I found a few different colors and styles that caught my eye, but I landed on a fun silver and black knotted band. It was thick, which I was at first apprehensive about, but with my somewhat voluminous hair, it was the perfect complement. Boom.

Blonde woman on park bench looking down while smiling.
Heads Above the Rest 1
Heads Above the Rest 2
Heads Above the Rest 3
Woman sitting on Central Park bench.
Heads Above the Rest 4

Since then, I have been all about headbands as an amazing finishing touch, statement piece, and even savior from a bad hair day. I can’t wait to wear a thin, embellished band around the holidays, an elegant velvet band for a pretty date night, and a basic band for jeans and a tee-shirt “running errands” look. Can you pull off a headband? The answer is yes! Like every trend, it’s all about finding the one that works for you, your style, and your occasion. Below are a few I love right now. Have some fun with them, and discover the solution to your headband dilemma. 🖤 

Heads Above the Rest 4

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products and brands I love.

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