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Putting my chic-meets-best foot forward in this spring 2019 look by Chanel.

I used to be nervous about buying a “head-to-toe outfit.” The idea of a look with each piece by the same designer felt hokey, to me. In my late twenties, I thought it was trying too hard. In my early thirties, I thought it was lazy. Well, now – I AM ON IT. I mean, why not? These people know what they are doing, and they create the ensemble for a reason. Let’s make it easy on ourselves and let them give us everything at once. YES. It’s glam. It’s loud. It’s head turning. It’s a look. But, above all, it shows confidence in who and what you like to wear — time to jump on the head-to-toe bandwagon.

Not growing up in a city, I never had the privilege of being in a boutique versus a department store. Once I had access to actual designer boutiques, I understood the difference in touching and feeling versus just seeing. I spent a week in London with my sister a few months back and had an afternoon to myself. I walked into Chloe, Self-Portrait, Moncler, Isabel Marant and more. Sure, it’s nice to see things in a catalog but to actually hold the pieces in person and see how items are paired together made me understand the true talent of a fashion designer. It’s a very special art and one I now, in my late thirties, feel proud to help sell.

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Chanel makes a head-to-toe designer look feel trendy and classic at the same time.

This outfit by Chanel won me over very quickly. I have always had a thing for Chanel, and the bright pop of color mixed with the comfort of a two piece set – skirt and top – instead of a dress was more interesting and way more versatile. And that’s the beauty of choosing a head-to-toe designer outfit, while the pieces are striking together, they are typically versatile and can be broken apart like a puzzle and put back again. Yes, they look amazing as one, but they can be styled separately, which makes them a smart investment. Outfits similar to this one from Chanel are only wearable once or twice a year, but then you have the option to break it up and refresh season after season.

“YES. It’s glam. It’s loud. It’s head turning. It’s a look. But, above all, it shows confidence in who and what you like to wear.”

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I have the two items together in these photos, but I can see the top with a pair of jeans and heels and the skirt with a cute white sweater and sneakers. The timeless Chanel belt makes a massive luxury statement, but there is nothing more complete to this look than the belt bag turned crossbody. I know they are trendy and not for everyone but this bag – OMG. It makes a statement but also complements the entire outfit. This is one of those pieces and looks I hope to preserve for my daughter one day.

So, the next time you fall in love with a designer look in a store or catalog or online, remember that it’s not just because it jives with your style, but also because each item has been painstakingly created to jive together. Embrace these head-to-toe looks as they were meant to be embraced: a full body experience that not only makes a statement but leaves you with closet staples that will last a lifetime.

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