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Let’s get in the zone. The comfort zone.

What’s your comfort zone? Did I just come out of the gate with such a direct question? I sure did. It’s such a broad question, I know. Comfort zones can define us and our lives in ways we don’t even recognize. For this conversation, let’s narrow it down to your comfort zone with respect to your personal style. When you’re heading out to meet a girlfriend for a drink or going on a date with your main squeeze, what do you always turn to in your closet because, well, it feels good? And when I say feels good, I don’t mean feels good like silk pajamas do when you get into bed at night. I mean feels good as in you KNOW you will always look good, no matter what the circumstances. That, my friend, is your comfort zone.

No matter what situation or scenario, head-to-toe black gives me confidence, allows me to be myself even when I may not feel it, and makes not-so-easy settings doable.

As a stylist, my job is to look at women through a fresh lens, assess their best assets and their personal energy, and create styles that not only elevate who they already are but also take them out of their comfort zones and into new territory. I stretch the limits of what a woman thinks she can or should wear. I get them to try on a new look, walk around in it and see themselves photographed in it. It’s one of my favorite parts of my job. That said – there’s a time and place for your comfort zone. You should know that one look that is always a good idea. For you, it may be killer denim, a fabulous blouse, and a pretty heel. Or maybe it’s a flowy maxi, understated sandal, and big earrings.

Get Into The Zone 2

My comfort zone is pretty darn simple. No matter what time of the month it is, what type of time crunch I am in, or who my audience is: I always feel my best self in head to toe black. I know, it’s not the cheeriest color to wear all the time, but it’s the color that best suits me. It feels naughty but nice … dark but eye-catching … subtle but sexy. It feels GREAT to me and thus, feels great on me. I could be heading to the gym and sport black leggings and a tight black tank and boom – I may not run the fastest on the treadmill, but I sure look the part. I could be helping out at my daughter’s school fundraiser in an all black maxi dress and black pumps and, while I may not know anyone there, I feel like I could run for PTA President. I could be out at a bachelorette party for my sister in black leather pants and a black strappy cami and, while I am the oldest person at the party, I feel like I fit in with the 25-year-olds. No matter what situation or scenario, head-to-toe black gives me confidence, allows me to be myself even when I may not feel it, and makes not-so-easy settings doable.

The bottom line is, find a look that you never have to search for. We have enough to think about each day, coming up with unique styles every. single. day. shouldn’t always be one of them. Step out in your comfort zone outfit from time to time with your head held high, looking and feeling like a million bucks. Whatever your go-to look is, I want you to know it and own it. Get into the zone!

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