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With summer vastly approaching, so are the end-of-spring/beginning-of-summer soirees. These special events are so easy and fun to dress for because you can really make what you want of the sometimes intimidating “cocktail attire” or “black tie optional” or the simple “dressy.” Why? The temperatures are rising, the days are longer, and the oh-so-fabulous feeling of summer fun is just a step away. But we still have to dress for the occasion, so here are some thoughts are how to make sure you look and feel the part!

Celebrate the Summer Season in Pretty Pastels

My rule of thumb for any late spring or early summer special event is to lighten up, and I mean this with all different aspects of your look. Time to shove the little black dress aside and pick an outfit where the colors feel like the season – light, fresh, and whimsical. Candy-colored pastels are on trend and easy to incorporate into your outfit. Even if you feel more comfortable in a neutral, you can still add color with a beautiful silk skirt, sassy strappy sandal or great statement earring. Flowy, multi-colored, flower-printed dresses will never get old and with the right coordinating accessories can be just the right pick for an outdoor cocktail party. And speaking of “lightening up,” you’ve now got the green light to sport silk, linen or any breathable fabric (your perspiration level will thank you!).

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Opt for Eye-Catching Accessories

I love incorporating fun accessories into this short season attire and by short, I mean in the blink of an eye, you’ll be in the dead heat of summer. The floral prints will turn tropical, and the pastels will turn bold. So, choose an interesting earring that is eye-catching and dominating to a light and airy piece. I have recently been pulling a color out of my earring and matching it with a shoe, handbag, or belt. It creates a perfect ensemble and one that will have guests showering you with compliments. Another fun option is through headbands. They’re everywhere at the moment and, I think, the greatest grown-up way to feel young again. Try a silk or satin material to keep things less dressy or a crystal headband to spice things up a bit.

What To Wear On Those Chilly Early Summer Nights

Last but not least, don’t under-dress. And by this, I mean we can all smell the summer poolside cocktails, backyard BB Q’s and evenings at the beach, but it can still be chilly in some places. If you know you’re going to be outside, even for a brief cocktail period, grab a neutral shawl. Or, choose a mid to long sleeve top or dress to stay warm when in the evening chill. After all, no one can make conversation with their teeth chattering.

I for one, can’t wait to dress for this spectacular little “tween” season. I suggest getting creative with what’s already in your closet. But, if you feel like you can’t find a thing that could work for your Charity’s Annual Garden Party at the museum, the good news is that everyone from department stores to online shopping is in sale mode! So grabs some new goodies at a great price and go be garden party gorgeous!

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