Freshening Up Your Closet 1

There is something about the New Year that makes me want to clean out my closet. I don’t know if it feels like a fresh start or if it just makes me feel better to purge a bit, but the second I have a moment of time to myself, I am in total clean out mode. Farewell over worn pumps, adieu unforgiving jeans, ciao pulled & pilly knits. What’s remarkable is that the re-organizing and de-cluttering not only gives me a more efficient closet, it gives me a rewarding peace of mind.

For some of you, like me, this is super easy because we can easily “let go.” I go through every section of my closet, one by one, from boots to bottoms to bags and belts. I have a self-noted rule that if it’s not a “collectable” (think high-end designer) and I have not worn it in five years, it either goes to The Real Real (a wonderful online consignment network) or donated to others that may need it. As I have gotten older, I have also had to consider, “can I still pull this off?” For example, when I spot the way-too-short-sequin-number I wore to a bachelorette party a few years back, the Jeckle versus Hyde in me takes it off my dress rack, tosses it in the consignment pile and moves on. By the end of my January clean out, I can see every item I own, and I have room for new things (silent fist pump).

Freshening Up Your Closet 2

I also understand for others purging is truly a challenge. All these items that you have bought may have a memory, or it may just be you are scared to let go of something you may want to wear again one day. I get it. I get nervous too, but maybe you make a compromise with yourself that you keep one and let go of one. Or, hire someone to help you, so you are more confident in your decisions.  Closet organizers are everywhere now, and a good one is worth every penny because they’ll clear out space that is likely cluttering your mind as much as your closet and they’ll also help you uncover and rediscover pieces you’ve forgotten about.

I have often found that people who have a hard time getting rid of pieces in their wardrobe also have around 15 versions of the same thing. I recall helping my mom one year, and she literally had 24 pairs of black sandals. 24, not kidding. She just didn’t know where to start, so what we did was progressive … We started by getting rid of the sandals that were over-worn and un-repairable. Then we divided in half the ones that looked the exact same. Lastly, we removed any that were uncomfortable. At the end of the day, she had 4 pairs left and way more room to buy more!

But, as I touched upon in the beginning, this is about more than simply donating clothing and making room in your closet. There’s something about creating space, letting go of things that no longer serve you, and keeping only things you truly love that feeds so many parts of your mind and spirit. Wishing you a year of intentional closet cleanouts and peace of mind, because peace of mind is invaluable and something you feel from your soul to your style …

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