Finding your Inner Logo 1

Finding Your Inner Logo

While the logo trend has never died out, we have definitely seen a revival this past year and current season. High-end designers like Saint Laurent and Dolce & Gabbana have always incorporated their iconic logos into their pieces, but they’ve found new and beautiful ways to feature them. We’ve seen classic trench coats transformed into statement pieces, over-the-knee boots turned from basic to bold, and a once simple sneaker now dazzling enough to wear with a dress. It has definitely shown the more daring side of brands. I love it … at least, now I do.

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Finding your Inner Logo 2
There was a time about 15-20 years ago when the thought of logoed clothing or accessories appalled me. If I had a logoed piece in my closet that I wanted to wear, I would go to desperate measures to find a way to hide the actual logo – a jean jacket thrown over a logoed sweatshirt or a silk scarf tied around the handle of my logoed bag. I didn’t want people to know what or who I was wearing. It felt pretentious, flashy, silly at times, and just “not me.” At 37, I realize now that my issue wasn’t actually the logo trend. It was that I was choosing designers – fashion houses – that didn’t reflect my true, individual style. I was committing to brands, and thus logos, that everyone else was wearing because the brand was “in” or because my friends were wearing them. Looking back, I probably made other life choices that may have been dictated by someone else (I can hear my mother’s voice as I type this, “Well, would you jump off a bridge just because Susie did!?”).
Becoming confident with who you are is tough enough, and then we have to deal with the “noise” of others telling us who we should be (or should be wearing)! I did some soul searching to define myself and, eventually, my style. And, I didn’t compare or care about anyone else’s when I did it. If you really think about it and become sure of who you are, I promise your inner-style soul will lead you to the right style, the right designers, and ultimately the logo that will make you feel great when you wear it. That’s right, YOUR inner style soul, no one else’s.
Finding your Inner Logo 3

“Make YOU your favorite logo.”

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