Bags to Booties: New York Fashion Week Finds


New York Fashion week 2019 was such a rush. From sitting in the front row at the Oscar de la Renta (pinch me) to days spent walking the streets of New York and seeing the designers I love IRL, it truly was one of the best weeks ever. And the most exhausting (real talk), but completely worth it. 

When it comes to fashion week, two things that don’t enough attention are the shoes and bags. These can make or break a look, and yet – we don’t see or hear much about them during or after Fashion Week. 

That’s why I was delighted to see Bazaar run a couple of pieces on bags and shoes. Finally!  

Let’s talk about bags first.

The bags on this year’s runway – showcasing the looks for Spring 2020 – were so unique! Their differing sizes – think mini AND oversized – made them so attention-grabbing. But the textures, OMG. We saw feathers, fringe, fanning silks, lucite and more. Are you ready to up your bag game? After seeing those, me too! A few of my favorite standout designers and bag looks from NYFW 2020 Spring:

Now to shoes.

These definitely don’t get the credit they deserve during fashion week. As Bazaar noted, the upcoming shoe season has everything “From ultra-minimal heels at Helmut Lang to crochet sandals at Ulla Johnson and the return of sky-high wedges.” Yessssss. When you’re thinking about your next purchases and looks, don’t forget to look down…at your feet! A few of my top shoe picks for Spring 2020:

Until Time! xx


Bags to Booties: New York Fashion Week Finds 1

Affiliate Disclosure:
This post contains affiliate links to products and brands I love.

Photographer: Anee Atelier
Hair + Makeup: Fedensieme

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