You’ve Got Spring in the Bag!


There is something so uplifting about setting your eyes on a new release of seasonal handbags, particularly when they are for my favorite season, spring! Maybe it’s that they are a sign the winter days are coming to an end, or maybe it's just something fresh to look at for a change. All I know is when I have been browsing through stores, or filtering through my designer emails, the realness of raffia and yumminess of yellow in the new spring handbags for 2019 puts a big smile on my so-over-winter-totes face.

Let’s start with Raffia. Raffia is a texture in bags that comes and goes based on the season. It is perfect for spring fashion, as it can make a vacation style more interesting, but also warm up a mild weather outfit you wish had fewer layers. Where we used to see raffia in basic beige, I love that designers have brought new colors to us. Black, red and, my personal favorite, mixed tones of white! Choose a raffia bag that is versatile with a few of your spring outfits and enjoy this casual, but cool bag trend.

Yellow is a color that will never go unappreciated, especially in a handbag. The color can often feel too intense for clothing, so it’s perfect as an accessory color. And seriously, have you ever met a person who didn’t say yellow is the happiest color in the rainbow? Exactly. So, why stay black or neutral with your crossbody or clutch when you can choose a bright, beautiful yellow bag that promises to be a spring outfit win and a total conversation starter? I see this trend as a way to pop color in an all-black evening outfit or elevate a daytime look from good to great. Quick spring look: find a bold printed spring dress with some bursts of bright yellow and make a statement with a coordinating handbag. Done!

Note: All of these handbags do come in beautiful shades of yellow. The retailers have chosen the below images as thumbnails.

Brown used to have the reputation of being drab and dull, but not this spring season. Because of its ability to transition, brown handbags will be seen everywhere from cocktail hour in the city to music time at the festivals. Not to mention some of our favorite high-end designers have made their logo the attractive part of the bag – think Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci – and guess what, they’re all brown! Choose wisely with the texture of this spring handbag trend and be creative with your outfit choice. The color is safe, so have fun with the outfit.


Whatever trend you chose, have some fun with your splurge on a spring bag. This could be a time to get out of your comfort zone like I did with this hot pink Fendi bag. With a normally neutral palette, this bag has spiced up many an outfit from an LBD on date night to a coordinating white top and skirt at a ladies’ luncheon. You’ve totally got this look. Browse around and be bold with your spring handbag choice. 🖤

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