This year, pink has shown its fearlessness by showing up unannounced in the holiday scene. For a season where the color invite list is as expected as the guest list at an Upper East Side soirée, pink has made itself the new fiancée at your family dinner. It’s new, it’s interesting, it’s eye catching and with the right accessories, it’s stealing the show in the form of dazzling black tie evening gowns to sassy party mini dresses.

I will admit, growing up as a legit tomboy, I did not always embrace the color pink; particularly when it had to do with my wardrobe. Forever, I thought pink was trivial and frilly and the color took away from the tough, independent, “Rosie the Riveter“ female image I imagined myself to be.

Over time, I have realized that pink can be way more than a girly bridesmaid dress or the color on a nursery wall. It can be powerful, striking, and head turning. It can be symbolic or make a simple statement. I think of Elle Woods, whose signature color carried her to achieve all her dreams. Or the pop star, PINK, whose presence and vocals send shivers down my back. Or the tremendously successful marketing push Victoria Secret made years back, so teens can look cute but appropriate in their line. I finally love pink for what it's worth, which is feminine AND strong.

I personally love bright pink – magenta, fuchsia, hot pink. I love it in a flower bouquet and I love it in a kitten heel. The pop of this bright color takes a quiet, neutral palette and elevates it to the next level. I have recently been purchasing a lot of items in light pink, too – blush, pale pink, rose. I find this shade to be a wonderful basic, whether it be a loveseat in your sitting room or a beautiful silk blouse. And, fashion tip, I wouldn’t be afraid to mix two shades of pink either. Louis Vuitton has an amazing bag out that mixes several colors on a pink base. It’s a showstopper and would look amazing with that all black outfit you are trying to spruce up.

With all this talk about girls, let’s not forget about the boys! I love that we have entered a time in which pink is no longer labeled as “for her,” but revolutionized into “for everyone.” I begged my husband for over a year to invest in a light pink button down. Once he did, even he was amazed at how masculine and crisp it looked with a pair of stone slacks in the summertime.

So the next time you browse the internet or step into Nordstrom, consider purchasing something pink. Stay within your comfort zone, or take a cue from my grown up self, whose now truly “Rosy” the Riveter, and step outside of it; but know the color goes way beyond Easter dresses or ballet outfits. Yes, it is feminine, but it’s a new feminine that is bold and confident. In the words of Mick Jagger, PINK is my (new) favorite color …xxx

I finally love pink for what it's worth, which is feminine AND strong.