Ten Tips For Ageless Style


As we grow from children to teens to young adults, we’re keen to evolve our style along with it; always wanting to look older and cooler. Then, as if from out of nowhere, we wake up one morning convinced older is no longer cool, and we need to hold on tight to our youth before the little we have left slips away. Or, on the flip side, we wake up and just give up, thinking we’ll never look that good again, so why even bother trying?

Ladies hold up.

It’s time to stop reliving the past and start living in the present. Our glory days haven’t passed us by, your body is still a wonderland so fall back in love with the shape of you. How? Here’s a little guide to keep you feeling youthful and looking cooler than you ever thought you could.

1. Invest In Your Style

Adding a couple of investment pieces in your wardrobe will elevate your look from “clinging to youth” to “Style Icon”.


2. Embrace Your Animal Instincts

Leopard can really be considered a style neutral...that’s just a little more glamorous. This classic patter

will pair well with virtually any color, and, when worn in moderation, always looks chic and on trend.


3. Find a Great Tailor 

If only to get your pants hemmed. The right length for your height on any quality of jean or pants, will make them look more expensive, and you look more put together.

4. Stay On Trend, Not Trendy

Keep your wardrobe looking stylish no matter what the trend, with timeless pieces in trending colors rather than cuts.


5. Pop Some Color

A pop of color is a fun way to make people take notice of your chic, polished style without screaming, “look at me!”


6. Work Your Assets, Just Not All At Once 

Be alluring with your outfit choices. Show just enough to of your assets to them leave them wanting more!

7. Make Time For Your Skin 

A good skincare routine will keep you looking fresh and feeling confident.


8. Invest In A Feminine Pair of Flats 

A beautiful pair of classic flats are versatile enough to go with any style, and timeless enough to transcend trends.


9. Buy a Lethal Weapon Handbag

These are coveted handbags that high-end brands release once, then never again. They are well worth the investment, and will turn heads for the rest of you life.

Krista-10 19 18 Color-0125.jpg

9. Buy A Lethal Weapon Handbag

Like this show stopper Valentino Clutch. These are high-end, coveted handbags that will turn heads for the rest of you life.


10. Find A Good Blowout Bar + Don’t Waiver

Blowouts can be hit and miss, but when they’re hits they can make you feel amazing. So when you find that place and stylist, stay there. No need to look elsewhere when you found a place that makes you look and feel great!



What if you looked into the mirror each day with loving, respectful eyes and expressed the same amount of endearment and kindness that you did to your loved ones_.png