10 Tips for Your Spring Closet Overhaul 1

Spring has sprung and with it that dreaded (or satisfying) time year for …. spring cleaning! And while I, like everyone else, love the fresh feeling of a newly scrubbed home… nothing satisfies me more than a freshly organized closet!

Below I break down my closet organization tips, including my how-to guide for storing your knits.

Closet Organization: Your Complete Spring Cleaning Guide

10 Tips for Your Spring Closet Overhaul 2

1. Don’t tackle your closet as a whole, section it off and categorize.

I go through every section of my closet, one by one, from boots to bottoms to bags and belts.

10 Tips for Your Spring Closet Overhaul 3

2. Group anything that looks the same.

I told a story about my mom and her 24 pairs of almost identical black sandals in this post. So, ask yourself, “do I need 10 of the same navy tee?” The answer is probably, “No.” Keep the ones with different necklines, and your go-tos, but it’s time to toss the rest.

3. Be mindful of the last time you wore a piece… but also be mindful of its value.

I have a self-noted rule that if it’s not a ”collectible” (think high-end designer) and I have not worn it in five years, it either goes to The Real Real (a wonderful online consignment network) or donated to others that may need it.

10 Tips for Your Spring Closet Overhaul 4

This Valentino clutch is my Lethal Weapon

4. “Can I still pull this off?”

As I have gotten older, I have also had to consider, “can I still pull this off?” For example, when I spot the way-too-short-sequin-number I wore to a bachelorette party a few years back, the Jeckle versus Hyde in me takes it off my dress rack, tosses it in the consignment pile and moves on.

10 Tips for Your Spring Closet Overhaul 5

5. Nix the worn out items

You know what they say, out with the old and in with the new!

6. If it doesn’t fit your body, it doesn’t fit in your closet.

7. Don’t force yourself to wear anything that isn’t comfortable.

It’s time to donate those sky-high heels you’ve never worn because you can’t walk in them. And those jeans you’re always pulling up (even with a belt on) are failing the “plumber’s test,” make you look like you always have a wedgie (we gotta’ be honest with our girls), and are doing you no favors in the “lift and shape” department.

8. Compromise

Maybe you’re scared to let go of something you may want to wear one day again. I get it. I get nervous too. Consider making a compromise with yourself. You can keep ONE thing, but let go of another. And while trends do come back into style, they tend to do so with a modern design. Chances are, you’ll want to update your look when the time comes anyway, and you won’t wear the piece you’re holding onto so dearly.

10 Tips for Your Spring Closet Overhaul 6

9. Hire a Closet Organizer

Hire someone to help you, so you are more confident in your decisions. Closet organizers are everywhere now, and a good one is worth every penny. Organizers clear out space that is probably cluttering your mind as much as your closet, and they’ll also help you uncover and rediscover forgotten pieces.

If a closet organizer doesn’t fit your “can do, hands-on” attitude, then recruit a friend to help you out. Sometimes all you need is to look at your wardrobe through someone else’s eyes.

10. I also understand for others purging is a challenge.

All these items have memories. Letting go of certain pieces can feel like you’re also letting go of the memories attached. But when it comes down to it, “all these items” are just that, “items.” They don’t make the memories, and they don’t hold them. You do.

10 Tips for Your Spring Closet Overhaul 7

Oh! And storage is everything. Now that the weather is warming up it’s time to Nix Your Knits. Here are a few tips on keeping them looking good for next season:

10 Tips for Your Spring Closet Overhaul 8
  1. Have your knits cleaned before storing them for the season

  2. Store wool in airtight bins, but try not to stuff them too tight, so they can adequately breathe

  3. Store cashmere in canvas storage bags so they have extra breathing room and airflow.

  4. Toss in a lavender sachet or cedar block to keep the moths away

Know your knits. They are staples for any closet and, while they may get shoved to the back during this time of year, like most things you depend on, they will always be there when you need them.

10 Tips for Your Spring Closet Overhaul 9

Organization is about more than simply donating clothing and making room in your closet. There’s something about creating space, letting go of things that no longer serve you, and keeping only things you truly love that feeds so many parts of your mind and spirit.

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10 Tips for Your Spring Closet Overhaul 10

10 Tips for Your Spring Closet Overhaul 14

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  1. Those are all great tips. I am always leary to cleaning out my closet because I feel like I don’t only know where to start, but that I am too attached to some of my clothing items!

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