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Fall is just around the corner. I can already taste the “pumpkin everything” drinks and dishes, envision my Fall-tastic tablescapes and see myself snuggled up in cozy sweaters. Fall is also event season. No matter how many, sometimes random, invites you receive, where the fabulous (or not so fabulous) locations may be, or who the calm or crazy crowds are, this is the best time to shine. And by shine, I don’t mean out-do the charity, the special guest or (gulp) the bride. I mean take a really amazing Fall trend and turn it into you joining the party as the guest of the century.
It’s time to shine, sparkle, sizzle in something … showstopping.

Still in popular demand, sequins and shine are on every runway this Fall. They are undoubtedly another trend that is subjective to most, but timeless to all. Much like leather, paisley, leopard, and plaid, the fiery fashion trend of “shimmer and shine” will never be put out. So, what better time to embrace this eye-catching trend than when we are all a little ho-hum about the beaches closing and school starting: The Fall season, or even better, the Fall event season. 

I found this flashy piece by Jonathan Simkhai with help from a friend at FWRD by Elyse Walker. My husband was invited to what we call a “blue blazer” dinner (insert shrimp cocktail and loooots of small talk) and I wanted to wear something other than a black cocktail dress. Afterall, people have to have something to talk about. So, I landed with THIS dress … It was classy and appropriately cut, but interesting. Intriguing. Sparkly. Shiny. Stunning.


I have since decided to wear this to a wedding in New Orleans and an event in New York during New York Fashion Week. It’s on trend and fun, but not like you’re trying too hard.  I loved paring it with a thick statement belt, because it felt a little too casual without one. The pearl earrings added some subtle class. The disappearing shoes played their part. And the color coordinating clutch was the perfect finishing touch. 

AnéeAtelier_KristaGlover_8.6.19-102 copy
Depending on your crowd, metallic is in and with the right touches, metallic is nothing short of fabulous.
Sparkly sequins don’t have to be in a head-to-toe outfit. In fact, of you are more conservative, you can mix a little bling in with some of your essentials.
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

So yes, Fall is for cozy nights and comfort food, but don’t lose your shimmer and sparkle during this softer season. 

Have some fun this Fall and standout in some sparkle and shine!

Event Season: Add Some Sparkle to Your Next Fall Event 8

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