Dress your age, not your pant size. Seriously, I mean it. I am a 37-year-old wife and mother of two, and I have finally come to grips with the fact I cannot dress like I am 27 anymore …or on the flip side, like I am 65. Unfortunately, this is a challenge for all of us, especially those of us who are moms … After pregnancy, our body, metabolism, and skin all change leading us to seek “fixes” in the form of Atkins Diets, Personal Trainers, and every anti-aging face cream under the sun. Ugh, why can’t I fit into my favorite jean shorts anymore or my open-back tank top doesn’t look the way it used to. For me personally, I’ve realized it’s a sign – those items need to exit my closet. While it may be a painful, pride plunge, tear provoking exit, I know I will never look like I am 27 again…

But, after lots of self-reflection, I am finally at a point of accepting where I am and who I am in life. And so, with confidence in my age (and my new pant size), I introduce you to Chic Meets West.

Throughout my 20’s, I worked in a VERY conservative corporate environment. I pushed the bar a few times with my work attire, but thanks to an amazing mentor/boss, I managed to find a happy medium of looking cute and looking appropriate. Fast forward to my 30’s where I have spent the greater part remembering who I am or, rather, who I was. After marriage, babies, moves, etc., I am that kid running in circles on the playground who stops to take a breath and can’t remember where to go. I will be the first to admit I am young at heart (ok, maybe the better way of saying it is I am slightly immature) and I still want to look like I did in my 20s, go to Happy Hour on Fridays nights in stiletto, and show up looking fresh in a maxi dress and sneakers to brunch on Sundays. But, if my role is dropping my kids off at school, volunteering at class Holiday festivities, and attending what feels like 100 children’s birthday parties per year – what is acceptable attire? Probably not my favorite jean shorts but I also don’t want to own stock in Lululemon. How can I dress so I feel and look good but still set a positive example for my little girl?

But, after lots of self-reflection, I am finally at a point of accepting where I am and who I am in life. And so, with confidence in my age (and my new pant size), I introduce you to Chic Meets West.

What you wear is a struggle for women at any age. And I know there are millions of 30/40 something women out there who still want to feel “sexy” but not feel like they are turning the wrong heads. So, I hope as you follow my blog and Instagram that you get inspired. We can still look and feel good and not dress like we did for that post-college bachelorette party in NOLA. We can put on a midi-dress with gorgeous Chloe’s thigh-high boots, or a mini skirt with timeless Roger Vivier flats and still turn the right heads; which, for me, is my husband’s.

I am so excited to launch Chic Meets West, the brand. It has been a long-awaited goal of mine. I look forward to sharing my style, beauty, and lifestyle tips week to week and inspiring all you women & moms out there to not lose sight of who you are and how – amongst the daily trips to the grocery store, endless swim lessons, and weekly play dates – you’ve still got it! – xx 🖤

Dress Your Age, Not Your Pant Size 2

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