Daily Sunscreen Tips: Most Effective Application, Best Non-Greasy, and Unscented Products

Here Comes the Sun…Screen. Whether for daily wear, or pool time, sunscreen is the key ingredient to keeping your skin looking and feeling young.

Daily Sunscreen Tips: Most Effective Application, Best Non-Greasy, and Unscented Products

It drives me crazy when people talk on and on about skincare, but don’t mention sunscreen. I mean, you just have to take one look at me to see I have very fair skin and would be a lobster in the sun without it. But also, sunscreen should be the first step, every day, in your skincare routine because it’s the number one thing that will keep your skin looking younger, longer. You know what they say about an ounce of prevention… With summer coming up (I swear you guys, it is…soon), I’m putting together my list of favorite sunscreens and sunscreen tips. Share this with a younger friend – the earlier you start with a consistent sunscreen routine, the better your skin will look for years and years to come. And don’t forget, your hair is exposed to the sun, too. At the end of this post, we’ll talk about how you can protect your hair from the sun.

Sunscreen Tips for Daily Wear:

Application: When to layer

I recommend adding sunscreen after your skincare prep (serums, moisturizers, etc.), but before your makeup. Put sunscreen on any exposed areas – face, chest, arms, backs of hands (don’t forget the backs of hands they show age so fast!).

Daily sunscreen tips for the most effective application and best non-greasy, unscented sun protection products.
Here Comes the Sun…Screen Whether for daily wear, or pool time, sunscreen is the key ingredient to keeping your skin looking and feeling young.

Know your SPF

This stands for sun protection factor. I could toss out a bunch of numbers and percentages here, but the basic thing you need to know is to use SPF 30 or above.

Know your UVA

These three little letters are everything. Sun damage doesn’t just happen when the sun is shining on your beautiful face. UV rays are present anytime the sun is up – even if it’s not hot or shining directly on you. So don’t skip the sunscreen on a cloudy or even rainy day.

Sunscreen Tips for Your Beach and Pool Days:

Here Comes the Sun…screen: Sunscreen Tips for Daily Wear
Sunscreen Tips for Your Beach and Pool Days

Application: Prep time

Put on sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you go into the sun.

Application: Don't skimp

Layer it on, girl! Sunscreen should be about ½ teaspoon for your face (not just a tiny dot like so many of us do), ½ teaspoon for your neck and chest, and about two tablespoons for the rest of your body. Use your judgment, but load it on. It’s worth it.

Application: Don't be a one-hit-wonder

Re-apply every 2 hours. Please, and thank you.

Best non-greasy, unscented sun protection products

My Favorite Sunscreens:

For everyday use, I love light, non-smelly, and silky sunscreens. I know a lot of you avoid daily layered sunscreen because it doesn’t feel great on your skin and beauty brands know this, too, which is why they’ve stepped up their formulations. 

Many tinted moisturizers even have sunscreen in them now, which is great (but shouldn’t be your only source of sunscreen). One favorite is La Mer’s Luminous Lifting Cushion Foundation with 20+ SPF. 

For daily use, I love this one by Clarins. You put it on over your moisturizer but before your makeup. So easy, and Clarins never disappoints. 

I’m a huge fan of Supergoop. I saw the founder of Supergoop speak at Create & Cultivate in NYC last year, and she was saying that she spotted a hole in the sunscreen market for a product that not only worked really well but also felt amazing on your skin. Keep their Glow Stick handy – it’s the best for quick applications. They have one just for your hands (keep it in your bag at all times). And for a day at the pool or beach, their mousse is so easy to apply. 

Unfortunately, our skin isn’t the only part of us that needs protection from the sun. Between the sun shining down on your gorgeous locks (and scalp!) causing your color to fade, chlorine from pools and salty ocean splashes, and the straight-up heat drying out your strands, this is the season to take care of your hair more than ever. It’s also no secret that as we age, our hair isn’t as lustrous and full as it once was. It’s like some nasty trick Mother Nature plays on us – giving us more wrinkles and less hair to hide them. So what’s a girl to do? (Continue Reading)

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