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There is nothing more nostalgic to me than landing in a city. And no, I am not talking about just any city. I am talking about New York, San Fran, Bean-Town, L.A. It brings out a side in me that makes me feel young again. It makes me feel like I can do anything I want, be anyone I want, own my dreams. But, for as much as city life makes my heart flutter like a first love, my destiny, my “path,” has taken me elsewhere. I will never be a woman that lives with regret, but if there was that one little something … that one thing I could have had in my twenties or thirties, it would have been a one bedroom flat somewhere were the people never stopped, the noise never died, the restaurants never closed … and the fashion was unreal.

Ok, back to reality. I live in a small city in South Florida where front doors are left unlocked, the nights are silent except for the tree frogs and the day-to-day attire is light and nauseatingly bright. As a dark and daring fashionista, I have definitely had my issues living in Florida. I have established my style, though it has often been hard to transfer, nevertheless stay true to. However, I have adapted and included my personal touch and my edge, in every outfit I have styled, created, and worn. So, while I don’t live in the hottest, most vivacious part of the country, when I get the chance to go to the city, I feel like an uncaged tiger. It’s finally my chance to be dark, sexy, ambitious, daring … I get to be me and my style, which I see as, well … Chic Meets West.

But let’s get real, what the hell is Chic Meets West? Well, it’s me and the best way to articulate my style. My style is a mix of cool, Cali comfort with a chic, city edge. It took me a while to get here, but after many trips to the cities I love, I am finally comfortable with my style … an amazing potion of so many destinations. Chic Meets West.

City Of Dreams 2

To me, there is nothing that will ever be more statement than black, especially in the city. With the help of a fellow stylist, we put this outfit together overnight, and I had mouths dropping the second we walked down Park Avenue. Why can’t you mix an oversized boyfriend jeans with heels? Why can’t a slightly racy one-piece go under them and WHY would I ever not have the simplest of luxe clutches to finish the outfit off? OH WAIT. There is one more piece… Slight chill in June or feeling a chill in October? Let’s throw on the coolest of cool blazers – Balmain. A closet staple that will never go out of style and will always give your outfit an edge, whether it be over my ensemble or the dark and dreamy slip dress you wear to cocktails with friends.

City Of Dreams 3

What I realized when I created this brand is that there are no rules. Social Media is a stepping stone for anyone with a dream. In my case, it’s training wheels for creating a fashion brand that I want to be about more than a “like” or a “follow.” It’s a look, a style, a brand I believe in, and I think women all over can relate to and feel comfortable with because let’s be honest – we don’t always land where we want in life. So, let’s get ready for what’s to come with Chic Meets West. It’s more than a designer discount or a hashtag. It’s a dream.


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