Brown VS. The Crown

Brown Versus The Crown 1

How many times have you heard someone say, “pink is the new black” or “white is the new black,” and you’ve rolled your eyes? Real talk: Black is always going to stand alone, in a special place that no other color can ever touch. The pining pink and purple jewel tones, the rebellious ruby red, and the normal neutrals can all just embrace their runner up status because black will never be outdone. It’s slimming, stunning, sexy, and safe.  It rules the fashion roost.

Now I am going to play devil’s advocate for a moment. Let’s not forget about fashion’s most underrated color that can also get paired with just about everything. This color can stand alone or be the most perfect complement. It can transition from season to season by becoming a chameleon to the next trend. It’s time to acknowledge one of the most muted, often overlooked colors … brown. You read that right. That color we often call drab or mucky or boring. It won’t ever surpass King Black, but it has definitely earned its royal stature in the fashion world.

Brown Versus The Crown 2

I never realized until a recent closet refresh just how much brown I actually wear. I always had the mentality that it “didn’t look good on me.” As a stylist, I roll my eyes when clients say that to me, but I am as guilty as they are. With blonde hair and semi-fair skin, I used to see brown as a shade that drowned my color or made me look pale. What does that even mean, btw?!? Brown does no such thing to anyone. It comes in too many different shades for it to not work for everybody and, what I love most about it, is that it boasts a very serene, balanced energy. It’s like a holistic supermodel – beautiful and confident, classic and predictable. And another bonus: Brown is also a subtle, but an appropriate complementary color that can be paired with just about every color or piece.

From utility linen cargo trousers to classic Gucci bags and cashmere sweaters – I’m down with brown. Unlike some of my spontaneous purchases, every brown piece seems to hold a responsible place amongst my wardrobe. Whatever piece it will be, it will never be the show stopper, but it will play its assigned role and, for lack of better terms, own it. Here is a look to help you visualize brown’s collaborative role. I have taken a beautiful, off-white dress by Jacquemus and accessorized with hits of brown:

Brown Versus The Crown 3
The above are great looks, but let’s not forget that brown can stand on it owns simply by mixing shades and textures. To me, the classy combo of light and dark browns can never be replaced. Yes, it’s not as interesting as most outfit looks, but it holds a certain style that depicts understated “class.” When I picture a woman in a brown-on-brown look, I imagine her walking the streets of Manhattan in killer heels or on the arm of a dashing man at a cocktail hour event in a penthouse. Beyond the powerful looks, brown also takes me to so many different destinations from the cozy coffee shops in Steamboat, to the beaches of St Barts, to the fields at Coachella. I can just imagine the beautiful tan shearling coat, the leopard bikini, and the chocolate paisley tunic… As with everything in your closet, it is what you make it and how you wear it. I say we all wear this color with casual composure and pride and forget the nonsense about brown being drab. I say we start calling brown fab! It may never wear the crown, but it definitely deserves royal treatment … 🖤


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Brown Versus The Crown 3