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Every once in a while, a closet staple comes back into fashion and totally rocks the season. Bodysuits are back, and I am INTO IT. There’s just something special about bodysuits. They hold a bit of alluring mystique but are practical and purposeful too which is a tough balance to strike in fashion. Basic and beautiful. And for something that seems so simple, they can completely conquer an outfit.

For years, I owned bodysuits for practicality. I needed them if I had a shirt that was a bit see-through or had a plunging neckline that made me feel a little uncomfortable. They were a layering piece that played the role of hiding skin.

Bodysuit Basics 2

But, in the past year, their role has completely transformed. I am buying bodysuits to BE my outfit. They are the eye candy, the showstopper, the head turner of the outfit I create, whether it’s a night out with some friends or a day browsing at the Mall. With the help of top fashion houses and high-quality fabrics, bodysuits have come into themselves and created their own identity.

Finding a good bodysuit for you should start with knowing your body type. If you have a larger chest, I suggest choosing one with fuller coverage, like a turtle or boat neck collar. While it’s always amazing to show your assets, this is one of those times you don’t want to show too much as it will quickly take you from tasteful to tasteless. Those with smaller chests can get a little riskier with a plunging neckline or lower cut side. If you’re muscular, try out a halter neck that promises to show off your hard work, but not look like your top is too fitted.

Bodysuit Basics 3
Bodysuit Basics 4

Styling your bodysuit is the fun part, but it can also be tricky. For most women in their thirties and forties, we don’t have the tight tummy we used to have. That’s why I often suggest high waist bottoms that can hold in any areas where we may need some help. I styled this Gucci suit with black jeans and cream, coordinating heels. I feel confident I could rock happy hour, but by adding a jacket or cardigan, could feel appropriate at an impromptu dinner party.


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